[NEWS] 150311 “I am a Woman too”, Girl’s Day Minah Exudes Feminity

Girl’s Day Minah’s title track will be “I Am a Woman Too (나도 여자예요)”, her first solo mini album bearing the same name will release at noon on March 16.



The pictorial to Minah‘s upcoming album has been published as the Girl’s Day member prepares to make her solo entrance into the music scene.

Dream Tea Entertainment revealed two cuts of the jacket photo pictorial on March 11th, stating that the singer took the helm in producing her first mini-album. In addition, the pictorial was taken to emphasize Minah’s womanly charms. Other cuts of the pictorial will highlight her different personalities such as cute, youthful, sexy, and serious.

In one photo, Minah’s bright and cute personality is highlighted as she sits with her knees to her chest, a warm smile decorating her face as she plays with her long eyelashes. Colorful extensions are added to her wavy nest of hair, the rest of her outfit matching the semi-colorful concept.

On the other hand, the second photo focuses on a more serious and mature Minah as she softly holds her head up with her hands, wearing a large black brimmed hat with dense and dark eyeliner.

Minah is the first out of the Girl’s Day members to go forward solo since their debut in 2010. Her first mini-album I Am A Woman Too will be released on March 16th.


Source: thestar.chosun.com
Translated By: koreaboo

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