[NEWS] 150312 Girl’s Day Minah to Hold a Solo Showcase in Myeongdong

Girl’s Day Minah to hold a solo showcase in Myeongdong at the Seoul Arts Center on March 16.


The streets of Myeongdong and Hongdae hold a special memory to Minah and Girl’s Day who did street performances and flash mobs prior to debuting. In a series of videos leading up to their debut, Dream Tea released footage of Minah performing Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” in Hongdae. She bravely sang to a crowd on the street, she was all smiles trying to showcase her vocal ability.




The performance in Myeongdong was released months after Girl’s Day’s debut.


Minah wants to recreate those memories in Myeongdong and Hongdae, she will return to those areas to debut her solo track “I Am a Woman Too”.

Minah has come a long way from debuting as a member in Girl’s Day to now making a solo debut. Looking back at that time we see a young and determined Minah, a girl with a dream. Girl’s Day was not an overnight success, it took work and heart, day after day striving to get to where they are today. Minah and Girl’s Day did not let go of that passion and did not let up in their efforts to realize their dream.

Minah’s first solo album will release on March 16 and this will start her first week of promotional activities.


Source: topstarnews.net | Official Girl’s Day YouTube
Translated By: topstarnews.net

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