[NEWS] 150316 Girl’s Day Minah – Highly Anticipated Release of “I Am a Woman Too”

Dream Tea Entertainment had many anticipating Minah’s solo debut since they made the announcement earlier this month. Fans have been anxiously waiting on the release of “I Am a Woman Too” MV teaser. Throughout the week Dream Tea has released image and audio teasers, steadily revealing Minah’s concept and direction of this album. “I Am a Woman Too” MV teaser was released today which started the 12 hour countdown to the MV release.



The title song “I Am a Woman Too” is composed by Duble Sidekick, Kim Doo Hyun (Golden Doo Hyun), and Mustang with lyrics by LONG CANDY.

타이틀곡 ‘나도 여자에요'(작곡 이단옆차기&황금두현&머스탱 작사 LONG CANDY)는 어반 알엔비 느낌의 곡으로 사랑받고 싶은 여자의 마음을 사실적으로 묘사한 가사와 민아 특유의 절제된 슬픈 보컬이 어우러져 곡에 완성도를 높였다는 평이다.

소속사의 한 관계자는 “민아의 솔로앨범 타이틀곡 ‘나도 여자예요’는 소녀 느낌보다는 숙녀가 된 민아의 모습을 담기 위해 성숙한 여인의 모습을 표현하고 있다”며 “앨범 전체적으로 발라드와 댄스 등 귀여움과 발랄, 섹시 등 민아의 다양한 매력을 담았다”고 말했다.
Translation: Coming Soon

Minah’s solo mini album will release today at 12pm KST. “I Am a Woman Too” will also be available as a Kihno SMC card album with smart phone access of the pictorial, music video and making film.


Source: sports.chosun.com

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