[PROJECT #29] 2015 Girl’s Day Comeback Support

Overview – How Girl’s Day has steadily prepared for their comeback:

In December it was announced that Girl’s Day planned to comeback in the 1st half of 2015. Minah spent the beginning of this year recovering from her injury and took a break from her solo schedules. Knowing that the members would be busy from January to March with drama filming and variety, Dream Tea decided that Girl’s Day would return in April. This would give Minah time to heal and allow the members to fulfill their personal activities.

In March we received wonderful news that Minah would be making her long-awaited solo debut! Despite her unfortunate accident that seemingly delayed their promotion, it actually opened a great opportunity for Minah to make her debut ahead of Girl’s Day’s comeback. While Sojin, Yura and Hyeri were hard at work, giving all their energy and passion into their roles; Minah bravely took the stage mirroring the efforts of her members.

Minah’s Korean and Japan promotion of “I Am a Woman Too” would keep her busy until mid April. The earliest we could have expected Girl’s Day’s comeback was May. In an interview Minah revealed they were preparing for their album but she did not specify the time frame leaving fans in anticipation. Yura nonchalantly revealed they would be making their comeback in June, as in the past she is usually the first to reveal teasers and hints toward a comeback. Our very own PR Director Kim Ahyoung!ㅋㅋ

On April 3rd, Dream Tea Entertainment announced that Girl’s Day would be making a comeback closer to summer, May or June. The members are back in the recording studio and will focus on preparing for their comeback after Minah’s promotion. DAI5Y is eagerly awaiting more news on the comeback date. However, we appreciate Girl’s Day taking the time to prepare this album knowing they are putting in every effort to make it their best!


When Girl’s Day makes their comeback DAI5Y will be ready. We plan to cheer them on throughout their promotion. We would love to congratulate them on their comeback and wish them a happy and successful promotion. DAI5Y is every bit as ambitious as Girl’s Day and we are looking forward to celebrating their achievements during this promotion.

To support this project we invite you to promote it on your social accounts. If you are able to contribute, check out our donation page. All remaining funds will be put towards Girl’s Day’s 5th Anniversary support.


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Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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