[PROJECT #30] Girl’s Day Union: Girl’s Day 5th Anniversary Support (CLOSED)

UPDATE 6/3: This project has been closed for now and we have joined together to support Girl’s Day’s comeback!

Girl’s Day Daily has joined together with Girl’s Day Union to celebrate Girl’s Day’s 5th Anniversary! The past five years have gone by in a blur, but when we take a moment to look back we see every struggle and triumph, every fight they lost and won, and how Girl’s Day has truly grown into strong and successful women. The members have steadily gained recognition and influence in this industry and although their success did not happen overnight, their day has come. Girl’s Day has truly worked their way to become one of the leading girl groups.

Girl’s Day Union will be celebrating with an advertisement to announce their anniversary and promote Girl’s Day to the public. The advertisement will be displayed in a subway, people on their way to school and work will be able to see the advertisement banner. It will draw attention to Girl’s Day and we hope it will bring to mind good memories they have of the group, either from seeing them on variety or music broadcasts. They may remember them as ambitious girls with only a dream, to becoming ambitious women who have realized their dream and are onto the next opportunity. We want to help create a warm feeling towards our girls so the public will stop and take notice. Girl’s Day’s leading example will stir their hearts and motivate them to never give up. The saying “your effort never betrays you” is a great lesson learned from Girl’s Day’s journey these past five years.


‘Baby Hyeri’ fansite has invited us to join with Girl’s Day Union, a group of fans supporting Girl’s Day. This major joint project has been planned to celebrate Girl’s Day 5th Anniversary and we are inviting other Girl’s Day fansites to join. Each fansite that joined has pledged to donate what they can to the project.


  • Baby Hyeri
  • YuraBar
  • Daily
  • HyeriBar
  • To be updated.


    Goal: $2500 USD
    This is the cost for a standard subway location. A more prominent location would cost more.

    Total Pledged: $1050 USD
    Remaining: $1450 USD
    Deadline: May 8
    (Girl’s Day Union is hoping to order the ad around May 15 so it can be prepared in time for their anniversary.)

    Daily has not pledged a specific amount yet because we wanted to see how much interest DAI5Y had in the project first. We hope many will support this joint effort either by promoting the project on your social accounts or contributing if you are able. If you are able to contribute, check out our donation page.


    DAI5Y along with Girl’s Day will feel great joy on July 9th, as it’s a day to celebrate how much Girl’s Day has achieved and what’s ahead for them!


    Thank you,
    The GDD Team

    Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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