[TRANS/ARTICLE] 150511 Starcast: Girl’s Day – ‘Hello Bubble’ MV Filming Pt. 2

[STARCAST] “Girl’s Day is here along with spring”…… came back in an unexpected way


Girl’s Day is coming back.
You are getting the feeling with the silhouette?
It seems likely to be Bubbly, sexy, and successful?
“Get ready to see a sexy stage of Girl’s Day?”

“dancing with the pelvis again?”

“They are going to continue with ‘Something’ performance?”

We are going to unveil the silhouette right now.
What is it that we need in this point of time?
Count down
5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Were you expecting to see sexy Girl’s Day? Then, forget about that~. Girl’s Day is going to be ‘Cutie Girl’s Day for this May. They dressed up as a goddess of a bright spring.

We are adding ‘unexpected look of Girl’s Day’ scenes. They work hard filming when cameras are on, yet when they get off? ↓↓↓ Warning for their ‘cutesy acts’

“Minah why are you?”

“I am going to do a masked dance (Korean international dance)~”

“sisters are acting weird~”

Yet, it does not matter because they are still pretty. They can’t look any prettier. Their beautiful body is almost at its peak. Here, if they wear spring-like clothing?

Girl’s Day is going to for sure continue their acts in May. How do I know this for sure? Because they are coming back with their new song ‘Hello Bubble’ on May 12th. ‘Dispatch’ first visited the sweet ‘Hello Bubble’ MV filming site.

Camera gets turned on, and they again boast their pretty faces and bodies. ‘Hello Bubble’ was written by a song writing team Duble Sidekick who are well known for their many hit songs. The new track features Girl’s Day’s lovely singing voice.

Moreover, the choreography for the song was sweet; it was like seeing Girl’s Day when they were newbies. They presented a cute-refreshing dance after getting rid of their sexy image. Their footsteps were very light and they waved their body very gently~

“Taking light footsteps”

“Gently waving their bodies”

“We are cute girls”

In order to completely get to know of Girl’s Day, we have to look closely into each member one by one. Minah is cute, Yura is elegant, Sojin is sensuous and Hyeri of course attacks fans with her cutesy acts.

We are going to reveal each member’s unexpected charm right now.

First one is Minah. Where is Minah who boasted her matured beauty as singing “♬ I’m also a woman~” Minah showed off her cute looks on the day.

Her dress is even cute. She wore a pink flower dress and here she featured her cute look with her red colored hair.

“Minah is back”

“You are going to fall in love with me~”


She can’t be cuter than this? It’s too early to adore her. Minah officially starts to attract people when cameras turn off.
“Mood maker Minah”

“Are you guys shooting Hyeri right now”

“Minah revealed her puppy like look?”

If Minah was cute, Yura is elegant. She pulled off a doll like face as letting her orange hair down. Her white skin tone of face makes her completely look like a doll.
She is still with her beautiful legs. She wore white shorts and cropped top. Her beautiful legs settled in her outstanding tall height that catches viewers’ eyes.

“her beautiful legs which are insured for $5 million”

“her perfectly outlined legs”


“This is so not fair, right?”
Yura, like Minah starts to act like a fool when cameras get turned off. She touched her hair all throughout the MV filming as saying it feels awkward wearing a wig. Yura’s about to cry look made the staff burst out laughing.

“please stay still”


“Don’t I look weird with this wig?”

Sojin was catching everyone’s eyes with her beautiful look. Her fresh charming look was outstanding. It was impossible to get my eyes off her. She looked very good in an Orange cheerleading costume. She looked very lovely in it.

“she is not wearing a wig”


“an angel with her beautiful hair is here”

How is she when the cameras get turned off? She, as being the oldest member of Girl’s Day behaved accordingly. She made sure to take a good MV by going over the MV concept, the scenes they have taken, and dance moving line every time the cameras get turned off.

She didn’t even do whatever for one single movement. She gathered the members and made sure everyone is dancing the right movement by checking them one at a time.



“Follow after me”

“Like this, do you guys get what I mean?”

The youngest Hyeri was like a cute robot. She presented various faces. She displayed cute one, elegant one, fascinating one, and refreshing one. She even tried to take over other member’s charm. Where is the end of her attraction?

“Going to act cuter than Minah”

“going to dance more elegantly than Yura”

“Going to dance more charmingly than Sojin”

Hyeri made people to have a heart aflutter moment. Yet, she draws the most attention when she acts frivolously. She didn’t act coy at all.

“Cutie who makes you like to kiss her”

“She is adorable”

4 members with 4 different colors. Studied each member’s attraction, it would be too sad if we end here like this, right? So we got some bonus pictures for you. Girl’s Day’s close-up pictures that took their faces at a very intimate distance.

“causing people to have a heart aflutter moment” (Yura)

“Completely set up a lovely look on her face” (Minah)

“she even looks pretty in the very close distance” (Hyeri)

“She shines brighter the more you get close to her” (Sojin)

“You still don’t want to go?”

For those of you who would still like to watch more, we are revealing the last bonus clip. Girl’s Day took a greeting clip just for ‘STARCAST’ readers.

News=Hong Ji Won(Dispatch)
Picture=Seo Yi Joon(Dispatch)


Source: entertain.naver.com | Wun s
Translated By: star.naver.com

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