[Project #28] Girl’s Day Minah Birthday Support [Gifts]

Presents from DAI5Y~
Thanks to all your support for this project and enthusiasm for #vitaMINAHday hashtag party celebrating Minah’s Birthday!

Gifts & Snacks:

Stussy ‘Splatter’ Snapback
DSC03913 - Copy


Stussy ‘Bolt’ Hoodie
DSC03900 - Copy

DSC03903 - Copy


Hollister ‘Nevermind Darling’ Tank
DSC03934 - Copy


Sour Gold Bears
DSC03973 - Copy

Birthday Cake M&M’s
DSC03957 - Copy


BBang Edition

Minah M&M’s
DSC03961 - Copy

Bbang Bears
DSC03976 - Copy

Always by Girl’s Day’s side


Designed By: Nhes

The gifts were decorated with DAI5Y stickers.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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