[Project #28] Girl’s Day Sojin Birthday Support [Gifts]

Presents from DAI5Y~
We appreciate all your support during this project and for joining the #BabySsoziDay hashtag party celebrating Sojin’s Birthday!

Gifts & Snacks:

Adidas Originals x Pharrell Track Jacket
DSC03894 - Copy

DSC03895 - Copy


Adidas Originals x The Hundreds – Adi Bomb T-Shirt
DSC03932 - Copy


Hollister LA T-Shirt
DSC03940 - Copy


‘Apple & Dip To Go’ Snack Container
A fun kit for Sojin when she prepares snacks for herself and the members.

DSC03944 - Copy

DSC03945 - Copy


Sour S’ghetti Gummi
DSC03968 - Copy

Oreo Birthday Cake
DSC03951 - Copy


Sso Edition

Sso Oreos
DSC03964 - Copy

Sso Gummies
DSC03982 - Copy


Always by Girl’s Day’s side


Designed By: Nhes

The gifts were decorated with DAI5Y stickers.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

One thought on “[Project #28] Girl’s Day Sojin Birthday Support [Gifts]

  1. Wow, how I wish that I could give gifts to Sojin too. But I hope that this little present of mine could reach her. Happy birthday Sojin!! And no matter what I love you so much, I mean everybody of us love you. But I love you a lot. Hahahaha might seem weird for a normal stranger to be hoping hahahaha.. Lol, enough with the drama.. Happy birthday Sojin, belated happy birthday. I wish you all the best and may Girl’s Day and you be more successful, we know you will. We’ll always be here to support you and cheer for you. Happy birthday!! I love you!! Saranghae!! :D
    With Sojin happy I am happy alone. We are happy.. With these gifts she is happy I am certain of it. You guys are cool!! Hahahahaha

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