[PROJECT #29] 2015 Girl’s Day Comeback Support

Girl’s Day’s comeback is almost here! The members have been busy promoting the group through variety show appearances as they prepare for their comeback. Daisy is on their toes anticipating this comeback, with every hair color and style change we excitedly discuss what concept Girl’s Day will present.

Girl’s Day has a way of always exceeding our expectations and it’s refreshing to see them take chances. No matter the concept or music style we can expect to be surprised! We are so proud to see how much Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri have grown with each promotion. This will be a special comeback as it’s leading into our 5th year with Girl’s Day! It is awe-inspiring to see how much the DAI5Y family has grown over the years. What a beautiful sight it is to see so many by Girl’s Day’s side, both in Korea and all around the world.


We are excited to present the first gift for Girl’s Day’s comeback!

MyIntent Project x Pura Vida Limited Edition Bracelet

Girl’s Day’s MyIntent bracelet will be engraved with the words, “by your side”. A loving reminder that DAI5Y is always by their side cheering for them.

Girl’s Day will each receive a gold and white bracelet similar to the one pictured.


We want to show our love and support throughout Girl’s Day’s promotion through various projects! Together we would love to arrange a food/snack support for Girl’s Day and their team along with a few gifts to celebrate their hard work and achievements. DAI5Y like Girl’s Day are quite ambitious for what’s ahead, but like our girls we will stay humble and continue doing our best! Together let’s support their comeback to the fullest by sending cheerful messages to Girl’s Day, promoting them through our social accounts and by purchasing the album when it releases.

If you want to contribute to Girl’s Day’s comeback support, check out our donation page. All remaining funds will be put towards Girl’s Day’s 5th Anniversary support.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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