[PIC/TRANS] 150610 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

요즘 짱짱 최고 재밌는 걸스데이도 본방사수하는 SBS 수목드라마 가면 OST를 소진언니랑 지코씨가 같이 불렀데요♡.♡ 에블바디 스트리밍 고고!! 심지어 언니가 직접 작사했다구요!!!!! 가면 홧팅 아프다 홧팅

Translation: These days, the awesome and great Girl’s Day has also now done a OST for SBS’ Wed-Thurs drama ‘Mask’, with Sojin-unnie together with Zico-shi singing for the OST♡.♡ Everybody stream Go! Go!! Sojin-unnie personally wrote the lyircs of the song!!!! Mask Fighting, It Hurts Fighting


Source: @Girls_Day_Hyeri

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