[NEWS] 150623 Girl’s Day Minah Transforms into a Beautiful ‘Juliet’ for Comeback Teaser!

Dream Tea Entertainment has released Minah’s teaser image to kick off the countdown to their comeback! Minah’s look is inspired by Olivia Hussey’s portrayal of Juliet from the 1968 film ‘Romeo and Juliet’, based on the tragic play by William Shakespeare. Girl’s Day has revealed an unexpected concept with their first teaser taking us back in time to the 1500s.


Girl’s Day will release five different album covers for their second full-length album, 4 individual members and a group version. Girl’s Day’s official twitter revealed Minah’s “Ring My Bell” teaser as the first individual album cover. Which member will be revealed next?

Girl’s Day will release their Love Second Full-length album on July 6th, a great way to celebrate their 5th Anniversary with fans!


Source: sports.chosun.com

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