[PROFILE] 151030 MBC Sweet Savage Family – Girl’s Day Minah & BTOB Minhyuk

Bang Minah

Baek Hyun-ji (18 / Ki Bum’s Daughter)
She was a member of a girl band that never took off and you have to be pretty to get picked up by a talent agency so it goes without saying that she has great looks. After her parents divorced five years ago, she was forced to move to Seoul to live with her mom and this was against her wishes. She signed on with a talent agency and enrolled in their talent training program because of her mom. She made an effort in learning how to dance and sing but there were so many talented girls in the program that she never got her shot. But what caused her a lot of grief was being bullied at her school.


Lee Minhyuk

Yoon Sung Min (18 / Tae Soo’s Son)
He has an easy-going personality and is popular at school because he is approachable and friendly. He excels academically and constantly ranks near the top of his entire grade at high school while also performing his duties as the class president. He started Taekwondo, Judo, and Kendo at an early age under his dad’s coaching so he is physically strong and athletic. Unlike his dad, he is academically inclined and is rather innocent about many things for a kid his age. His mother, Eun-ok wishes to see him go to one of the top universities in Seoul and has arranged for him to transfer to a high school in the big city soon.

Hyun Ji and Sung Min will showcase a sweet, young romance in the story, despite their families being caught up in a feud.


Translated By: mbc.co.kr

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