[PROJECT #34] 2016 Girl’s Day Sojin, Minah & Hyeri Birthday Support

DAI5Y around the world want to celebrate Girl’s Day’s birthdays! Daisies have been sending in their ideas for the support with different ways we can celebrate together. The main goal is to arrange something special for the members to show our love and support.

Daisies are excited about doing a charity donation in Girl’s Day’s name. Depending on the success of this project we would also like to prepare a special gift for the members. Another great way to show our love is through cheerful messages on Twitter and Instagram. Remember to send your messages to the girls on their birthdays!

Sojin and Minah’s support will be a joint project in May. After successfully completing SoMin’s project we will arrange Hyeri’s support in June.

  • On May 13th Minah will be celebrating her birthday, she is 23 Western Age and 24 Korean Age.
  • On May 21st Sojin will be celebrating her birthday, she is 30 Western Age and 31 Korean Age.
  • On June 9th Hyeri will be celebrating her birthday, she is 22 Western Age and 23 Korean Age.

2016 Birthday Support Project for Girl’s Day is now open! We will update each week on the status, once we reach our first goal we can set a new goal to reach!
1st Goal: $500 USD

DAI5Y remember U.S registered Paypal accounts can avoid fees if donating directly on paypal.com.

To support this project we invite you to promote it on your social accounts. If you are able to contribute, check out our donation page. All remaining funds will be put towards Girl’s Day’s comeback + 6th Anniversary support.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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