[TRANS/ARTICLE] 170327 Starcast: Girl’s Day Everyday 5 Album Jacket Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

[STARCAST] Behind-the-scenes jacket pictorials of Girl’s Day revealed!

Hello there, STARCAST readers! Finally, Girl’s Day has come back after 1 year and 9 months!! (Lalala- What an exciting comeback news!)

Girl’s Day’s fifth mini album “GIRL`S DAY EVERYDAY #5” is filled with more matured vocals and different genres of music! It’s already making us curious on their theme and activities!

Their new album was released on all music websites!! (clap your hands!) Go to your preferred music website and choose album -> choose track -> click “play”! And now you’re ready to look at the behind-the-scenes jacket album shooting site!!!

Let’s go to the shooting site if you’re ready!

This is one studio located at Seodamun district! Each of the props are making some mood!

It was cold for one week but surprisingly, the weather this day was so perfect and sunny!! The weather too seems to support for Girl’s Day! What a lucky group!

The first one who greeted our STARCAST camera was the “Maknae on Top” of Girl’s Day, Hyeri!

“Hi there! It’s Hyeri!”

Hyeri is pretty on any angle and facial expressions! She is a perfect match for the phrase “Pictorial cuts in daily life”. (She is the only one who didn’t know that she was favored by the staffs at the time!) Hyeri began with her pictorial.

Her cute side was never seen during the time and concentrated on doing the pictorial. We could know why she’s called “Maknae on top”!

She is monitoring the photos one by one. She is monitoring the other members’ photos as well. She is included in the monitoring photos of each member.

The photo quality of the members becomes higher with the help of Hyeri

The staffs were happy with the everlasting beauty of Hyeri! They said they had a hard time choosing Hyeri’s pictures…. You’re looking at a girl whose pictures are perfect on every take.

Next is the powerful vocalist of Girl’s Day, Minah!

She is greeting the camera that was secretly taking her with a bright smile. It’s just like the studio became brighter with Minah’s smile. Whenever I look at the natural looks of her, I come to make a proud smile like mommy.

She is just so perfect with white pants and denim jacket, as if they’re actually hers. Praise this kind of theme (heart)

Minah is looking cute and charismatic at the same time! Where’s the end of her charms?

The results must have satisfied Minah that she is looking as perfect as the weather this day! XD
Oh, and Minah’s dog “Gongdoli” came to this place to support her!

Gongdoli and Minah are doing the pictorial together! They love each other so much

She takes a rest with Gongdoli as well. The two are looking so happy

With the support of her dog, Minah created best results!

Next is the most beautiful girl Yura.

Yura is brushing her hair in front of the mirror. Her pictorial begins.

She is looking innocent yet showing a girl crush look.

Red checkered shirt with jeans. It’s so true that “face completes the look.” Sometimes, simple outfits become perfect when it comes to Yura.

I see boys and girls becoming the fans of Yura. She is leading the pictorial shooting with her unique aura! She is the real goddess of pictorial!

She especially glowed during the outdoor shooting. She is so pretty as if she has come from the other world!

Next followed the leader of Girl’s Day and the baby princess, Sojin!

“Hello guys! I missed you. I’m Sojin!”

Sojin is the mood maker. She is looking perfect with this theme of “natural”. Gosh! A white T-shirt with jeans! You all know that it’s hard to look pretty in this kind of fashion, right? But Sojin here looks perfect than ever!

Sojin’s theme is showing off purity and innocence!

I can’t believe someone can look this innocent inside a room. Sojin is revealing her natural and innocent looks.

After the hard work of Girl’s Day, a pizza was delivered to them.

I’m sure I ate my lunch a while ago but how come I’m hungry again by looking at Hyeri eating the pizza…? (I’m informing the pizza commercials to keep their eyes on Hyeri!!) When you say “food eating show”, it’s Hyeri. If I knew she would look this cute and lovely while eating the pizza, I should’ve brought pizza… (saying whatever I can say)

Hey, did you know about it? god never makes a human perfect. But how come the feet of these girls are pretty as well? It’s been a long time, Girl’s Day!

I’m about to shed tears already… But you guys won’t know it because I’m writing this over the computer. Anyway, let’s go back to the studio to look at their group photos!

They are the so-called “pretty girl next to another pretty girl next to another pretty girl….”

This is their refreshing group photo! Girl’s Day looks so fresh that they don’t look like a 7-year-old girl group!

Yura and Hyeri were tired that they took a break together! This looks like one of their pictorials as well!

They moved to another place and continued with their second group photo!

This is the group photo that made us curious for their theme right before their album was released! The fans told that this picture expressed the beauty of Girl’s Day so well!! The girls are just seated on a typical wooden floor but this picture became the one of the group’s legendary photos!

Girl’s Day has come back to us with more matured looks, both in appearances and musicality.

STARCAST readers, wanna own this album? “I’ll be yours!” ♥ (slight promotion here) They have worked hard for this album just as how you’ve waited for them! So please support them!


Lastly, this is a surprise clip of Girl’s Day who has come back to you after a long time! With this, I’ll be saying goodbye to you as I will go buy their album! SEE YOU!
Girl’s Day – A surprise greeting to STARCAST fans


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