[PICS/TRANS] 170328 SBS MTV The Show Twitter Update – Girl’s Day

귀여움&섹시함 전부 다 되는 세상 끝내주는 언니야들이 돌아왔어용 1년 9개월 을매나~~~~~ 목빠져라 기다렸는지 #걸스데이 는 알고 있을까나아 #더쇼 최초공개! 걸스데이 컴백 무대보러 얼른 오세용 #더쇼 #THESHOW #THESHOW韩秀榜
Translation: The amazing ladies of Girl’s Day can do any concept – cute or sexy – and they’re back after 1 year and 9 months They know that you’ve been eagerly awaiting their return Be sure to hurry and watch their comeback stage on The Show!


Source: @sbsmtvtheshow
Translated By: Shirina

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