[PICS/TRANS] 170404 SBS MTV The Show Twitter Update – Girl’s Day

[더쇼초이스 후보] 우리 #걸스데이 언니들 매일매일 365일 지치지도 않고 섹시하고 예쁘고 귀여운거 다 하시면 어째요 어째~~~ #더쇼 #THESHOW #THESHOW韩秀榜
Translation: [The nominees for today’s The Show Choice] Girl’s Day does it all – they’re cute, beautiful, sexy, and they work hard 365 days a year without ever getting tired – how do they do it?!?

107회 더쇼초이스 주인공은 최고섹시 최고예쁨 #걸스데이 축하드립니답!!!! 울2 언니들 컴백 후 첫 1위!!!!!! #더쇼 도 같이 넘나넘나 행볶 앞으로도 걸스데이와 함께 더쇼 플레이~ #더쇼 #THESHOW #THESHOW韩秀榜
Translation: Today’s The Show Choice winners The sexiest, the prettiest, Girl’s Day Congratulations!!!! It’s their first win for this comeback!!!!!! We’re so happy for them Keep watching The Show for more Girl’s Day~


Source: @sbsmtvtheshow
Translated By: Shirina

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