[PIC/TRANS] 170804 Girl’s Day Yura Instagram Update

내따랑 쏘진찡 벨기에 위스키 초콜렛 선물🍫
완전예쁨..하나먹더니 방민아 자기 취한다고
ㅋㅋㅋ이거 다~~ 먹어야 아주 조~금 그럴수도. 빵민아. 오바하지마라 오바😎
Translation: My darling Sojin brought back a gift from Belgium: alcoholic chocolates🍫
They’re so pretty… Minah only ate one and said she was drunk, hahaha
You’d have to eat all of them for that to be true, you might just be a bit tipsy, don’t overdo it, Minah😎


Source: @yura_936

Translated By: Shirina

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