[CONTEST] Girl’s Day Party in LA – Submit Your Design

The clock is ticking till Girl’s Day’s visit to LA and there is much to plan. We are brainstorming ideas and we look forward to all your suggestions.

We are inviting all DAI5Y to participate in our contest! This is a great opportunity to have your art used as gifts for Girl’s Day and other items for the support project. The DAI5Y with the winning design will receive one signed Girl’s Day album! The best part is the winner will choose the album they receive, we have Everyday II, Expectation, Female President Repackaged and Something album.

We need designs for these potential items:
– Labels/Stickers for food support
– Custom Shirts as gifts for Girl’s Day
– Stickers/Buttons for DAI5Y attending the event

How to Participate:
Note: This contest is open to everyone, whether you are attending the concert or not.
– Submit a rough draft of your design through this entry form
Since the deadline is soon, only a sketch or rough draft is needed at this time. This will give us an idea of your artistic style. If your design is chosen then we can work together on the final design.

What we’re looking for:
This is simply an idea of what we have in mind, but don’t let this limit your creativity. We are considering all types of art styles. Please feel free to submit multiple designs and styles.

– Designs can be a drawing of Girl’s Day or inspired by Girl’s Day or DAI5Y in some way. It could be a Girl’s Day x LA inspired theme, etc.

– For the labels/stickers design we are looking for animated characters of Girl’s Day. We tend to favor that style for such items. [Example]

– For the custom shirts we are looking for a different style. Look to Girl’s Day as inspiration, look at their style and t-shirt designs they wear. Although it can be animated characters of Girl’s Day, we are leaning more towards a graphic design. We want this custom t-shirt to be a gift that fits with Girl’s Day’s personal style and cool look.

Deadline: March 2
The deadline to submit your rough draft is a week from now. We realize this is a short time, however we need to start work on the design and producing the products as soon as possible.

Note: There’s a possibility that we will have more than one winning design. We may choose two or more designs depending if they fit well with specific items for the support. In the event of more than one design being chosen by different artists, then each will receive a signed album.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

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