[GUIDE] How To: Create a Melon Account

Register on Melon to Support Girl’s Day:
This guide explains how to join melon.com through your computer.


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  • Go to melon.com
  • Signup-1


  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Signup-2


  • Complete the Form
  • NAME: Your name may be written in English but without spaces.
    EMAIL: Must be an active Email, in the next step it will be necessary to verify your account.
    ID: This ID will be used to login in to your account. Must be more than 6 characters, can be a mix of lowercase letters and numbers.
    PASSWORD: Must be more than 6 characters, mixing both letters and numbers. Cannot be in consecutive order 123/abc or duplicate characters 111/aaa.



  • Verify Account


    You will receive an Email like this with a 6 digit code. If you have not received the Email shortly afterwards, double check your Spam folder since my verification code was sent there.


  • Congratulations, you are now a member on Melon!
  • Signup-5


    Guide By: Girl’s Day Daily

One thought on “[GUIDE] How To: Create a Melon Account

  1. Thank you so much!
    Everything was going ok until the email verification. I checked the spam folder also but the email never came. Im gonna die. What should i do? help!! oh, and I also tried with another acc but the problem is the same

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