[Project #003] Girl’s Day 1st Anniversary & Birthdays

The Summer Project is still a work in progress but we are excited for the first batch of gifts we were able to get the girls! We were even able to buy some gifts for Dream Tea staff like we’ve always wanted. This is only the beginning for this project and with the efforts of everyone we can make this project very successful. We would love for you to volunteer for the project and if you are able to donate to the project. Check out the gifts below~many more to come!!

Girl’s Day Jihae

Girl’s Day Sojin

Girl’s Day Minah

(Hello Kitty Blanket is out of stock >< So we’ll find another one)

Girl’s Day Hyeri

Girl’s Day Yura

Manager Wony

Manager (Male)

3 thoughts on “[Project #003] Girl’s Day 1st Anniversary & Birthdays

  1. Like the gifts a lot. I’m considering getting my own set of gifts for the girls in the Summer but I haven’t decided on what yet. Will think about it ^^

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