[Project #002] Girls Day X-Mas Project [Gifts] *updated*



Cute graphic tees for our girls (:

Very retro/80s style sunglasses, perfect for the girls

Glow basketball! Imagine our girls playing with this at their dorm :P

Five American Eagle Hoodies, perfect for winter season! or perhaps when they do practice in the dance room hehe!

Fake mustaches!! I can totally imagine them wearing this and take selcas ahaha

SNACKS!! Yes, I noticed, I bought so many snacks for them! but yeah, they would share with the staff too! so no problem! heheh

super cute fleece throw blanket!! :D Right now I only have three! The rest will come later this week! :D

So far this is how the package looks like! Already full! and there are still more to come T_T huhu! :D


two more blankets for Jihae & Minah :)

and 6 stickers for each of the girls! They would love this chibis too ne? :p

Fedora and beanies for the girls (:

/added/ 101212

Diamond fun rings for the girls. Represent us, their international fans :)

I wrapped the rings nicely and put them all together in this small cute bag

Birthday Message Book for Yura~~ (pretty late but I’m sure she’ll love it :))

*Various Gag toys~

Microphone Inflate for the girls

Fun glasses for them too~~

Beach Monkey inflate beach ball

Black & White Guitar Inflate (inspired by Nothing Lasts MV) hehe

The whole package.

Sorry wasn’t able to take pictures of the box, but I did put scribbles message (English & Korean) for the girls & dream tea and stickers to make sure it’ll gets there heheh!

Sent this on 101210 via EMS

Received by Girl’s Day on 101215 (:

13 thoughts on “[Project #002] Girls Day X-Mas Project [Gifts] *updated*

  1. omo! I love it guys! Great gifts!
    especially those hoodies <3
    LOl. i can imagine their reactions when they see those mustaches! XD aigoooo~ good job!
    free snacks to everyone! XD
  2. aww i love the cute stickers!!!! n all the gifts r very nice! =) i love that spongebob blanket!!!!!!! >w< i want one now lol
  3. u pick out the best gifts!! :o i reli like the hats! n i can see girls day wearing all this stuff :) n ohhh i reli want some girls day stickers now!!! >w< is there any way i can get some? :)
  4. wow it looks great u guys are awesome, i lov all the gifts i lov the sponge bob blanket for yura. u guys r truly awesome
  5. I LOVE IT. :D OMG, everything looks fabulous and that’s A LOT of gifts! The girls loved them for sure! :D

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