[Project #003] Girl’s Day half year 2011 Project (Birthdays & Anniversary) [Gifts Arrival]

Thanks to everyone who made this project a success!! Now we look forward to the “proof shots” and seeing how much the girls love the gifts~
For the managers and staff

Sinook  (Dream Tea Rep)

Manager Wony

Manager Ji-Sang


Gifts for the girls

Red Cross T-shirt
120502 – After the pain and hurt this shirt has caused many people, we wanted to delete it from this post, but since the media made a mistake saying it was from fans in Japan, we didn’t want to add to this misunderstanding. The shirt was a gift from GDD and there’s no excuse for our carelessness by not noticing the symbol. We have and will continue to make efforts in this serious situation.







LA shirts for all the girls~


Mustaches for ONCE.  We know they’ll play with some of the other toys too~

(K.will signed CD for Jihae)



Sock Monkey – Sojin

Yura and Minah~

Hyeri and Sojin~








(Drawing Kit)


(Lunch Box)

(message books by Kuks! )

Take a closer look at the books~

/added final pictures



note: i wrote a lot of stuff in the box. but I was disappointed that it didnt turn out that great, so I’m shy to post it here. :( hahah. -achel


15 thoughts on “[Project #003] Girl’s Day half year 2011 Project (Birthdays & Anniversary) [Gifts Arrival]

  1. Wow this is, i’d say’ BIG!
    There a lot of gifts, i’m pretty sure they’re gunna love it!
    Aigoooo~~~ i expect another crazy fanservice! XD k k k k k

    Great job gdd! Thank you for giving Girl’s Day so much love.
    Also to the donors, thank you for helping out ♥

  2. Thax for the people who helped with donation…
    I think our girls will enjoy them a lot….

    Kux u’re awesome…..
    Thats all I can say about the books>..^_^

  3. It is AMAZING!! Wow, you guys are awesome!! :)
    But how did you get the K.will signed CD for Jihae? Amazing! I’m sure they will LOVE those gifts!! ^^
  4. Oh My this is really awesome! Cant imagine all the work behind the scene to gather make and create those gifts! Great Jobs guys!

    Idd Eggtart, I’m curious about Kwill Cd as well ^^

  5. OMG! I love the gifts & the booklets! You guys did a really good job! *___*~
    Thank you girls day daily! :D fighting!
  6. woaah such nice gifts!! ;3; i really like that lion king t shirt ahaha
    the message books are so cute :3 wish i could of donated, oh well maybe next time ~
  7. This gifts are wonderful!!!! Excellent work! The girls are gunna freak! They truly will know the love and support put behind those gifts! We are cheering them on 100% Thank you for working so hard >.<
  8. Wow that’s so much! These Girl’s have the best fans in the world! I’m sure they will love this.
  9. i hope i can send some gifts too..i want to give all my hello kitty stuffs to minah..!! can i give too? :)

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