[Project #004] The Dream Tea Mailbox (CLOSED)

Our winter project will include not only gifts but also fanmail. How will this work? Have you ever wanted to send a letter to Girl’s Day, Once or Dream Tea? This event welcomes you to send us your letters, x-mas cards, or artwork to Girl’s Day and Dream Tea! We believe that these letters will be very special to them, especially if we have a lot of fanmail to send with the gifts. It will have a great impact on them when they see how many fans they have from all over the world.
We invite you all to have fun with this event; through your letters and cards show your love and support and with your artwork, show that their fans are creative and talented!
Deadline: All mail must be received by November 1, 2011.
How to Join:
Leave a comment below with your;
Contact Info:
(Twitter, email or forum username.)
All fanmail will be sent to Tammy and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask her at @TaemiTamz. She will review all comments and she will contact you with more information about this event and give you the mailing address.
Note: If you are unable to mail something, but would still like to participate ask Tammy about that option.
Thank you,
The GDD Team

40 thoughts on “[Project #004] The Dream Tea Mailbox (CLOSED)

  1. guillherme, jake and joey have been contacted~ yonettebayo we’d love it if you joined! Just leave your contact info, so I can send you my address.^^
  2. Sir Tammy… unfortunately… i don’t have a Twitter Acc. because.. im satisfied w/ FB Acc. but i have my own acc. hir on FORUMS…

    my name is: YoneTTEBAYO

    pls. i want to join… :'(((

    Thank You Very Much!!! =^___^~\m/

  3. Hi I wanna sign up too :)
    Contact Info: My email is kpopmerch[at]hotmail.sg and my fourm name is DiamondELF_YuraHyuk :D thanks alot yeah !!!
  4. I just have a drawing I want to send. I’ve PM Tammy on the Forum.

    Name: Mark

    Email: peemk [AT] hotmail

    Forum user: MDSUPA

  5. I’d love to join! I don’t really have anything to send, but if there is anyway I can participate, then count me in! :)

    Name: Ahmad
    Forum username: Ahmad
    Email: I don’t really want to give it out publicly, but it’s in the “mail” field in the comment query.

  6. ——————CLOSED—————–
    If you have sent your mail already, we will wait to receive it and include it with the project.^^ If you need a little more time, just let us know. Tweet me @TaemiTamz.

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