[EXCLUSIVE] Girl’s Day 걸스데이 Send Video Message to Girlsdaydaily & Girl’s Day Fans

Yes. This is ONE of the surprises I was talking about! :D You guys probably have read about All Girl’s Day Members have been visiting girlsdaydaily. So many things happening lately, and also today is Girlsdaydaily 100th days anniversary. So this is kinda an awesome gift from Girl’s Day to girlsdaydaily & fans (Diamonds).  Finally Girl’s Day fulfilled our request for a video message!! I don’t want to say any further, so please watch this CUTE&AWESOME video below!



SPECIAL Thanks to: Girl’s Day, Girl’s Day Manager, Sinook Unnie, and those who work on this video (?) :D

Also Thanks to our translator : Ricardox  (who translated this very fast for us ^^)


Once again,


We really hope to bring more girl’s day goodies, and promote them at the same time! :D AJA!

And YES! There will be more surprises coming soon! :)


♥ Girlsdaydaily Staff ♥

Achel, Tammy & Ricardox

12 thoughts on “[EXCLUSIVE] Girl’s Day 걸스데이 Send Video Message to Girlsdaydaily & Girl’s Day Fans

  1. Omg this is so awesome. :D im so proud to be a follower of a site which the girls read ^^. GIRLSDAYDAILY FIGHTING! :D
  2. Wow… just wow. Girl’s Day just beat every other group in terms of love for international fans. They really are awesome. And this is an amazing achievement for GDD, well done achel and Tammy and thanks for all your hard work keeping us updated. I guess it all seems worthwhile right now. :)
  3. OMG! this totally made me cry i’m so happy for you! this is awesome lol i don’t know what to say T^T
  4. I love Girl’s day!
    It’s no wonder they follow Girl’s day daily. You guys are awesome! I’m happy we can contact the girls through you..
  5. OMG so it’s the 100th day for Girlsdaydaily eh~ (well 101st day today xD)
    Girls Day is just awesome! they know about the international fans’ love~ and LOL Jihae said they’ll look at our activities xD I LOVE YOU GUYS ♥
    great job achel tammy and all the staffs! x)
    more good things will come keep it up! ;D
    아싸! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. a video message thats just awesome. all of yalls hard work paid off. thanks achel, tammy and richardox for keeping us informed and updated with girl’s day

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