[NOTICE] Girl’s Day Daily Rules & New Moderating System

I want to start this off with an apology to our dear supporters of Girl’s Day Daily. When GDD was started, our goal was to make this a second home for Girl’s Day fans. We were determined to create a positive and fun community, where all fans felt comfortable and at ease. A place where there was mutual respect shown to all fans and all artists. We realize everyone has different opinions and interests but somewhere along the way, the conversations in the cbox have turned both negative and inappropriate. This is unacceptable and the fault partly falls with us, because we allowed this to continue all this time. We apologize to everyone, especially new fans of Girl’s Day who have had to witness this or have been caught up in the situation.

Some of you may not be aware of these circumstances or may not realize the negative effects. Sadly, the cbox has not held up to proper standards and common courtesy has been ignored. Due to the increase in negative and inappropriate conversations, there is a great need to make positive changes. The rules of GDD have always been easy-going and mostly nonrestrictive, but our rules of conduct have always been firm and without compromise. The GDD team has spent much time and consideration on this matter, we realized we needed to make our rules more specific and that it was time to enforce a 3-Measure Warning System to keep the peace on the blog. These changes are effective immediately, so please read over the rules carefully.

    Warning System:

  • 1st Warning
  • 2nd Warning (1 Week Suspension from chatbox)
  • 3rd Warning (Permanent Ban from chatbox)
  • Note: Depending on the situation it may lead to an immediate suspension or ban from the cbox.

The GDD Rules page has been updated with the changes.

Now you may wonder, how will this affect the fun atmosphere on GDD? It will remain a fun site and everyone will be able to enjoy it better. GDD will always be a go to place to spazz about Girl’s Day! Of course, other topics for discussion are welcome. Feel free to discuss music and other artists, movies and actors, and any other interesting subjects, as long as the conversation withholds proper standards. Let’s enjoy getting to know each other and grow as a united family.

We hope that everyone supports the changes and moves forward with the GDD team in making Girl’s Day Daily a better place for everyone. We would appreciate that the reaction to these changes be both positive and mature. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of Girl’s Day and GDD.

Thank you for your time.
The GDD Team

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