Girl’s Day Daily Rules

Girl’s Day Daily is a second home to many DAI5Y around the world. All of us fans want a daily dose of updates and that is why this site was opened. This site’s modest purpose is to support Girl’s Day and promote them further. Our hope is that any visiting our site will grow in their love for Girl’s Day.

Since this site is a special place for DAI5Y, we must take care that it remains a happy and positive place. This requires the cooperation and support from everyone who visits the site and participates in commenting on posts or in the chatbox. The GDD team at times has to moderate the cbox and this is not always met with a favorable response. When the team addresses an issue please show your support and respect, because it’s for everyone’s benefit. Although our rules may seem old-fashioned in an internet society that is rampant with negativity we ask that you help us maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all fans.


Important Notice: Standards to Follow

Always be positive and appropriate. Let’s be friendly and show respect.

Rules of Conduct

  • Negative or inappropriate comments about Girl’s Day or any individual members will NOT be tolerated.
  • Do not post about Girl’s Day’s personal life! Please respect their privacy, unless it was personally shared by the members themselves.
  • Do not post any swear words, unnecessary criticism (to the point of disrespecting the members), or rumors about Girl’s Day.
  • Respect other artists, groups and their fans. When opinions differ be respectful.

(Basic principle: If you’re not a fan or dislike them, rather than insulting it may be best not to discuss them.)

  • Respect all visitors of GDD, whether they are fans or are new to the group. Be friendly and welcoming.
  • No claiming Girl’s Day members. Let’s share our lovely girls and support them together.
  • In ALL conversations, remain appropriate for all ages and use common sense. Do not share links to inappropriate content.

Remember some conversations are best kept to our personal social accounts or in private conversations.

Let’s live up to our name as DAI5Y. Our fan name Daisy means humbleness, beauty and innocence.
Let’s mirror Girl’s Day’s beautiful qualities and do our best to represent them well.


  • We DO NOT promote piracy of Girl’s Day’s music or other officially released content, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    We encourage all who are able to buy Girl’s Day’s music and support it.
  • Please respect Girl’s Day’s hard work and efforts. DO NOT share “free” music downloads or full streaming links that contain download links!


Due to a situation in the past we had to enforce a 3-Measure Warning System. Those who do not follow the rules will receive;

Warning System:

  • 1st Warning
  • 2nd Warning (1 Week Suspension from chatbox)
  • 3rd Warning (Permanent Ban from GDD chatbox)

(Depending on the situation it may lead to an immediate suspension or ban from the cbox.)


General Rules

  • You may redistribute any content found on Girl’s Day Daily to further support and promote Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri. However, even if you don’t credit GDD we ask that you credit the original Korean source.
  • DO NOT HOTLINK any images from GDD. Feel free to save them for your personal collection or reupload the images to a photo sharing site.
  • There is no post count required to see Subbed Videos and/or access Video Downloads. You only need to login to see the download link.
  • There is also no minimum words required when leaving a comment. Feel free to post as little or as many words as you wish. (We encourage spazzing.ㅋㅋ)
  • If you use any translations by the GDD team please credit our work. We are often asked if you are able to translate it into another language, we allow this of course, as long as our original work is properly credited.


Rather than writing a lengthy list of What-to-do and What-not-to-do, please follow these simple standards and remember to have common sense and courtesy.

If you don’t agree or feel you cannot follow these standards, we ask that you not disturb our site and its visitors.

Thank you,
The GDD Team

8 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Daily Rules

  1. I think those are the BEST rules i have ever come across! :)
    Fair things to ask of us and spazzing too :DD i like that bit!
  2. Hi minah how are you doing, introduce my name ady from indonesia. I am one of your fans, I really admire your acting in the beautiful movie gong shim. I am very fond of the nature and behavior that is very exemplary by the wider community. I hope that what is played with the character of gong shim is the same as your life outside. Friendly, polite, smart, helpful, funny, sweet, and beautiful. please convey my message to him ..😊😊😊

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