[Project #005] Girl’s Day 2nd Anniversary & 4 Birthdays

We have started preparing for our Summer Project, check out our first project gift. This year we will be celebrating Girl’s Day’s 2nd Anniversary and 4 Birthdays. As always you will be able to write messages to the girls, that will be later translated for their benefit. We will continue with our Mailbox Event, since we believe it was a special project for Girl’s Day. Throughout the next few months we will be updating you with the latest gift ideas and of course you are welcome to suggest your ideas to us, so make sure to leave a comment below with your suggestions. We have many more plans in store for Girl’s Day and with your support we can make this project a success!

How to Join:
– Sign up for the Girl’s Day Mailbox Event.
– Write your messages for GsD’s 2nd Anniversary.
– Write your messages to Sojin, Jihae, Minah and Hyeri.

Check out our previous successful projects here. If you would like to contribute to this project, check out our donation page. We appreciate all your support to GDD and Girl’s Day.

Thank you,
The GDD Team

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