[Project #005] Girl’s Day Mailbox Event

For our summer project we would love to include your personal letters, fanart and any other special items you wish to send to Girl’s Day. You may send personal letters to Sojin, Jihae, Yura, Minah and Hyeri but remember let’s show our love to all the girls too. We had a lot of fun with our previous Dream Tea Mailbox event and we thank all who participated. We hope to continue with this special aspect of our support project, so let’s make it a success.
How to Join:
Leave a comment below with your;
– Name:
– Contact Info:
(Twitter, email, etc.)
– Make sure to contact Achel for more details: Mention @itsachel or email her at achel [at] girlsdaydaily [dot] com for the mailing address.
Deadline: All mail must be received by May 31, 2012.
Thank you,
The GDD Team

4 thoughts on “[Project #005] Girl’s Day Mailbox Event

  1. Name: Rie :3
    Contact: @cnbloo is the best way to contact me, and ach, you have my phone number so you could just text me lol x3

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