[APP] 121128 Girl’s Day is now on Starcall!

DAI5Y fancafe announced earlier that Girl’s Day is now on Starcall! This app is available for Android or iPhone and iPad. Starcall initially was only available in Korea but late last year allkpop announced to international fans that SK Planet was making it available worldwide, read more on it here.

The app is free to download and allows you to receive direct video calls from the artists to their fans. However, there is a fee to answer a video call. Girl’s Day has released their first video, so to answer their video call it costs $0.99 USD (pricing varies by country). Since Girl’s Day has partnered with Starcall and this service is now a part of their earnings, we will not post or share the videos on GDD. We will post screencaps or short video teasers to encourage users to check out the videos themselves. If possible let’s support Girl’s Day in this way!

On September 9th, 2013 Starcall started a Free Call Event where all calls are free to users (the app now has advertisements). We are not sure how long this event will last but it’s a good time to download the app. All Girl’s Day videos are now available, so if you missed any calls previously you can complete your callbox collection. Since the service is now free, we will share future video calls until further changes from Starcall. However, it’s still important for fans to receive the calls directly from the app since they monitor the activity. We want Girl’s Day’s Starcall to have a lot of support so they continue to release videos for us.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to download the app and keep up to date with Girl’s Day on Starcall!

Girl’s Day Official Starcall

Girl’s Day Featured in K-Collection Starcall
Note: K-Collection features other artists who performed and/or modeled for the 130420~130421 K-POP Collection in Seoul Event. This Starcall has been discontinued and the video calls have been removed from the app.
Girl's Day

DOWNLOAD: [Android] | [iPhone]

Check out GDD’s Starcall Guide if you have experienced any issues with this app.

[Video Call Costs]
UPDATE: As of September 9, 2013 Starcall is now free to all users.
United States: $0.99 (Per 5 calls)
Singapore: $1.38
Canada: $0.99
Malaysia: $0.99
To be updated.


Source: DAI5Y Twitter
Pricing info provided By: DAI5Y in their respective countries.

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