[CAP] 121128 Starcall – Girl’s Day Video Call #1: Greeting

Note: We only provided a screencap of Girl’s Day’s first call to encourage users to download the Starcall app and support Girl’s Day.

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1편(2012년 11월 28일)
Girl’s Day: Everyday Girl’s Day! 안녕하세요, 걸스데이입니다!
Everyday Girl’s Day! Hello, We are Girl’s Day!

Hyeri: 와우! 박수칠 일이 드디어 생겼습니다
Wow! Now we have something to celebrate!
저희 걸스데이가 드디어 스타콜에 합류를 했는데요
We finally began Starcall!
우리 팬 여러분들이 저희를 많이 기다려 주셨다고 합니다.
Our fans were waiting for us a lot.

Sojin: 우리가 평소에 어떻게 지내는지 너무너무 궁금했잖아요
You guys have wondered about how we are doing usually.
궁금했죠? 네 다 알고 있어요
You must be curious, huh? Yeah, we all know that.

Minah: 네 맞아요
Yeah right.

Yura: 저희가 스타콜을 통해서 다양한 모습 많이 보여드릴테니까
Through Starcall, We will show many different figures about our life,
저희 스타콜 많은 관심 부탁드리고 저희 걸스데이도 많이 관심 가져주세용~
Then please have deep interest in Girl’s Day and our Starcall.

Minah: 예 앞으로 흥미진진한 걸스데이 이야기가 펼쳐질 테니까 많이많이 클릭클릭클릭 우리에게 오라오라
Exciting stories of Girl’s Day will unfold before your eyes from now on, lots of click click click, come come to us~

Sojin: 벗어날수 없을것이다!
There is no escape!

Girl’s Day: 네 지금까지 걸스데이였습니다 예뻐해주세요!
Until now, It was Girl’s Day, Please cherish us!

Yura: 나랑 함께해 줄래?
Will you be with me?

Sojin: 그만해!


Source: Girl’s Day’s Starcall
Thanks to Albert
Translated By: Daylight7@GsDGallery

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