[CAPS] 121130 Starcall – Girl’s Day Video Call #2: Backstage @ Music Bank

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2편(2012년 11월 30일)

Hyeri: 안녕하세요

Minah, Sojin: 안녕하세요 걸스데이
Hello, We are Girl’s Day.

Hyeri: 어디에요 지금?
Where are we now?

Minah: 여기 지금 뮤직뱅크~ 하러 왔어요
Here…We came here for Music Bank

Yura: 나도나도~ 나는 왜!
Me, Me here~ Why don’t you take me!

Hyeri: 게임하고 있으니까?
Because you were playing game?

Yura: 아니, 안하고 있었어
No, I was not.

Sojin: 거짓말이에요
This is a lie.

Yura: 아니야!

Minah: 거짓말쟁이
You liar!

Yura: 아니야!

Sojin: 정말 아니에요? (Minah: 배고파~~)엄마아빠?
You weren’t, really? (Minah: I’m hungry~~) Can you bet your mom and dad on this?

Yura: 맞아요!
I was!

Hyeri: 밥 먹었어요? 빨리 밥 먹었냐고 물어봐야죠 민아언니 맨날 물어보는거
Did you have a meal? Minah, you have to ask about this, you ask about it everyday.

Yura: 맛있는거 사주세요
Please treat me to something delicious.

Minah: 밥 먹었어요?
Did you have a meal?

Sojin: 밥, 몽키, 우끼끼
Meal, Monkey, (imitate a monkey)

Hyeri: 원숭진
Monkey Sojin

Minah: 근데 이거 1분이야?
Is this one minute long?

Hyeri: 네 20초 남았습니다.
Yes, twenty seconds left.

Yura: 빨리 나 비춰줘, 그러면 나 비춰줘 20초동안 내가 다찍을거야
Take me immediately, then take me, I’ll have all the twenty seconds left.

Minah: 아 맞다 혜리 비춰야지
Ah yes, we should take Hyeri.

Hyeri: 어떻게 하는건데 이거?
How can I manage this?

Sojin: 바보야 이거 카메라 돌리면 되잖아
You fool, you can turn this camera.

Minah: 안녕~

Hyeri: 촬영중엔 못돌려요, 5초남았어요
I cannot turn this while I am recording. Five seconds left.

Minah: 20초가 이제 지나간다~ 5 4 3 2 1
Twenty seconds is now all passing. 5 4 3 2 1


Source: Girl’s Day’s Starcall
Thanks to Albert
Translated By: Daylight7@GsDGallery

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