[PICS/TRANS] 130313 Girl’s Day Sojin Twitter Update

Girl's Day Sojin

Girl's Day Sojin
첫 정규 앨범 내일 낮 열두시!!! 다들 앨범 궁금해죽겠져?!키키 나두 떨린다아….!! 데이지에 긴편지두 썼다구요~~^^다들 응원해줘요~~* 러뷰* 뿅
Translation: First full-length album is out tomorrow at 12 noon!!! You guys are super curious about the album, right?! Keke I’m also nervous….!! I wrote you guys a long letter~~^^ Please support us, you guys~~* Love you * Bbyong

Note: Sojin is referring to the message she left on the DAI5Y Cafe


Source: Sojin’s Twitter
Translated By: JW@girlsdaytrans

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