[UPDATE] GDD Trip to Korea

Tammy and Seany, members of the Girl’s Day Daily team visited Korea during the month of September-October and met for the first time while attending Girl’s Day events. We hope you enjoyed Seany’s fantaken and fancams! We will soon share with you some footage from Tammy’s trip.

Girl's Day

My first trip to Korea was very meaningful to me because I was able to meet Girl’s Day and DAI5Y. I personally want to thank all who I met; they were very welcoming and friendly. I learned from them and they really looked after me at Inkigayo, recordings and performance events. It was great to meet with friends I had known since the early days and I’m happy to have made new friends. I do regret not studying Korean more because conversation was limited at times. This was certainly my loss since I wanted to speak with DAI5Y and get to know them better. I hope they forgive me for lacking so much, but I hope they knew my heart was with them and I felt their care and deeply appreciated it. Although language was an obstacle, we were together for the same purpose, to support Girl’s Day and enjoy each other’s company. DAI5Y became very precious to me, dear to me like family and it was always a special time with them. It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, “…language has its limitations and the heart has none…”

My happiest times in Korea were when I was with DAI5Y waiting for an event to start and then seeing our girls perform. It was an honor and absolute joy to cheer on Girl’s Day at events, fan chanting and singing along with DAI5Y. The girls are amazing live! They are energetic and have so much fun on stage with fans. Their fanservice is the best and I’m sure everyone at university events leave as fans.ㅋㅋ It was a proud moment to see how far they have come, there’s so much excitement for the girls now, and it’s evident in how busy they are. During my trip I was able to attend twenty-one different events with Girl’s Day (performances, greeting Minah at Inkigayo, a fansign for Minah and Girl’s Day, and variety show recordings). Of course the girls had several more events than I attended but since I was traveling with my two siblings we planned our days based on each other’s interests. On the days Girl’s Day had schedules very far away, we attended a local event with other groups and on days with no schedules we took the time to visit Korea and sight-see.

Korea was home to me for six weeks and I had such an amazing experience. I traveled to many cities and went as far South as Gyeongsan for a Girl’s Day event. I would love to share my experiences with you but instead of rambling on now, I will talk about it little by little as I post pictures and videos taken on my trip. I hope to share highlights with you as soon as possible. This week I will start uploading some footage and since I’ll also be catching up with the site this will take time. I welcome you in the meantime to ask me any questions about my trip on my twitter: TaemiTamz.

Below are the events I attended during my trip and I updated on my twitter when possible with some previews from fancams.

Events attended;
1. 130906 CJB 방송 직지음악회 (CJB SBS Cheongju Jikji Concert)
Preview: [1] [2]

2. 130908 SBS 인기가요 (SBS Inkigayo – Greeting Minah)
Preview: [1]

3. 130910 SBS 추석특집 페이스오프 (SBS Chuseok Special: Star Faceoff Recording)

4. 130912 마죠리카 마죠르카 팬싸인회 (Majolica Majorca Minah Fansign)

5. 130913 롯데 패밀리 페스티벌 (Lotte Family Festival)

6. 130914 MBC 인천공항 스카이 페스티벌 (MBC Incheon Sky Festival)
Preview: [1]

7. 130922 SBS 인기가요 (SBS Inkigayo – Greeting Minah)
Preview: [1] [2]

8. 130923 SBS 놀라운 대회 스타킹 (SBS Star King Recording – Sojin + Hyeri – Attended the show)
Preview: [1] [2] [3]

9. 130924 강원대 축제 (Kangwon National University PAL: LET’s Festival)
Preview: [1]

10. 130926 K-pop 페스티벌 in 강원 플래시몹 (Kpop Festival in Gangwon Flash Mob)
Preview: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

11. 130927 청원생명축제 (Cheongwon Organic Life Festival)
Preview: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

12. 130928 2013 지구촌 학생 어울림 마당 개막식 (2013 Gyeongsan Global Student Event)
Preview: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

13. 130928 구미 LG 드림페스티벌 (Gumi LG Dream Festival)

14. 130929 SBS 인기가요 (SBS Inkigayo – Attended the show + Greeting Minah)
Preview: [1] [2]

15. 131001 MTV. 더쇼 (MTV The Show Interview + Greeting Girl’s Day)

16. 131001 성균관대학교 (Sungkyunkwan University Festival)
Preview: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

17. 131002 숭실대학교 (Soongsil University Festival)
Preview: [1] [2] [3] [4]

18. 131004 지상군페스티벌 2013 (2013 Ground Forces Festival – Dance Contest, Fansign + Military performance)
Preview: [1] [2] [3]

19. 131006상암 OBS 공개방송 (OBS Nanum Concert)
Preview: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

20. 131006 KBS 반포열린음악회 (KBS Banpo Open Concert)
Preview: [1]

21. 131011 Plan Korea: 에버랜드 러브콘서트 2013 (Plan Korea: 2013 Everland Love Concert + Final Greeting to Girl’s Day)
Preview: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


[Project #015] Trip to Korea: Support for Girl’s Day & Dream Tea Staff

The support for Girl’s Day and Dream Tea has only partially been fulfilled. During the weeks I was visiting, as you all know the girls had a packed schedule and were busy with various activities. They had filming for drama, movie and variety, photoshoots and interviews. Most of their performance schedules are far from Seoul, which means there’s a lot of time spent traveling to and from multiple schedules. Our girls are so busy these days and they along with Dream Tea are putting their best efforts forward as new opportunities arise.

It was a mutual decision to put a hold on the food support project until their next group comeback or next major achievement, so they can fully enjoy it at that time. We had planned a healthful gift of fruits and a meat gift set for Girl’s Day and dried fruits for the Dream Tea staff. Various dried fruits, nuts and chocolates from Trader Joe’s, a specialty grocery store in my area, were personally delivered to the Dream Tea office along with a card designed by priz. (Gifts were also given to Girl’s Day at the Ground Forces Festival fansign and various other gifts were given when I greeted them at previous events.) The support for Girl’s Day will be planned further when the time comes, so stay tuned for updates. Be assured that the funds raised for this support will be set aside and only used for this purpose. We look forward to celebrating a future event with Girl’s Day when they can finally enjoy our gift, like this picture below.^^

BWTDpHXCMAMwJS5.png large

Thank you for reading my account and look forward to more updates from my trip. May I share with you one more thought based on my humble observation? Our girls are amazing! They are even more beautiful in person, both in appearance and personality. Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri are real sweethearts. After meeting them I adore them even more and have even greater respect for them. They are genuine, humble and truly love their fans. As you know they are extremely hardworking and busy, yet they always enjoy the stage and have fun. Together along with all DAI5Y around the world, let’s continue to love Girl’s Day and support them in their future activities.

UPDATE: Girl’s Day received their meat gift set to celebrate their successful ‘Something’ promotion!

– Tammy

Thank you,
The GDD Team

8 thoughts on “[UPDATE] GDD Trip to Korea

  1. Seems like it was a lot of fun!
    I don’t know whenever I will ever go to Korea, but learning Korean by itself right now is lots of fun already :D
    Let’s hope we will be able to attend GsD events together in the future! ;DDD
  2. I really envy you getting the chance to go to Korea and meet the girls. I’m glad you had such a great time even with the occasional language difficulties. I’d be in too much shock if I were to meet them so I worry any language I would be trying to speak would come out gibberish (maybe with a little drool thrown in).
  3. are you allowed to hug the girls at fan signings? or are they not allowed? ive seen videos of people shaking their hands but never anything more.

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