[Project #015] Girl’s Day ‘Something’ #1 Win Celebration Support

This week we were able to fulfill our plans from Project 15 and give Girl’s Day what they like best!

Girl's Day

On February 18th we ordered Girl’s Day’s meat gift set along with ginseng drink packs. It was then delivered on February 21st.

When Girl’s Day had their first win for ‘Something’ on Show Champion, we set to work on this project again. We spent these past weeks doing research and finding the best way to handle this order from overseas. It was not an easy task but was well worth all effort involved. We want to thank all who donated to this support for Girl’s Day and all who helped us prepare it successfully. We are very thankful to our dear friends in Korea who helped us with research and who recommended the best products.

Since 한우 was recommended to us, it was our main choice from the beginning. (한우: Beef from cows produced in Korea) During Something promotions, Hyeri mentioned in an interview what type of meat she wanted. ‘The Show’ PD asked the girls, if there was “Something” you could eat what would it be?

Hyeri: 꽃등심
Yura: 고기 (Meat)
Minah: Chicken

Hyeri mentioned a specific part of the cow, a part at the back of the cow and turns out it’s top quality. We immediately knew this is what we wanted to order for the girls. The ginseng drink packs were a healthful addition to the meat gift set.

꽃등심 Meat Gift Set
This is only an example of the type of gift set we ordered.
Meat Gift Set

정관장 Drink Packs
We ordered this brand but packaging was slightly different.
Ginseng Drink Set

Meat Set: 꽃등심 (1++) 3.5kg (roughly 7lb 11oz)
꽃등심 (1++) is top of the line quality.
Ginseng Set: 정관장 ‘홍삼원’ Drink Packs
정관장 is a very popular brand in Korea.
Cost: $568 USD (Including product + service/delivery)

Girl's Day
Design By: Priz
Translation By: Shirina, Seany

The design of the photocard is similar to that of a label on a product. Priz’ ‘Nutrition Facts’ design was fitting for the theme and Shirina helped with choosing words to best describe Girl’s Day’s shining qualities.

Main message:
걸스데이를 사랑하는 데일리가 고기를 사랑하는 걸스데이에게 주고 싶은 고기 선물 세트 입니다! 맛있게 드세요! 앞으로도 걸스데이와 데일리 열심히 합시다!
Translation: Daily, who loves Girl’s Day, wanted to give this meat gift set to Girl’s Day, who loves meat! Please enjoy it! As both Girl’s Day and Daily, let’s continue to work hard!

영양정보 (Nutrition Facts)
1인분량 (Serving Size: 1)
4인분 기준량당 영양 (Amount per serving: 4)
성분 (Ingredients)

재능 (Talent), 자신감 (Confidence), 겸손함 (Humility), 예쁨 (Prettiness), 아름다움 (Beauty), 착함 (Goodness/good-heartedness), 다정함 (Friendliness/kindness), 사랑스러움 (Loveliness), 달콤함 (Sweetness), 귀여움 (Cuteness), 우스움 (Funniness), and 재미 있음 (Entertaining)

Ginseng message:
This message was printed on the back of the photocard.
썸씽”의 대성공을 축하합니다! 역시 걸스데이에게 그리고 데이지에게도 바쁘고 설레는 시간이었죠~ 걸스데이의 열심히 한것에 데이지는 언제나처럼 고무되어 있었어요. 너무 바빠도 건강이 제일 중요한 것이잖아요. 그러니까 이 선물로 꼭 챙기세요! 데이지의 홍삼같은 활력소는 바로 걸스데이거든요^^ 건강 조심하세요! Love and Support, Girl’s Day Daily
Translation: Congratulations on the massive success of “Something”! This has been a busy and thrilling time for both Girl’s Day and DAI5Y~ As always, we have been inspired by your hard work. We know that you are very busy, but as you know, health is the most important thing. So, please look after yourselves with this gift! Because to DAI5Y, Girl’s Day is just like 홍삼 (Red ginseng): a tonic that provides strength with which to carry on^^ Take care! Love and Support, Girl’s Day Daily


We used version 2 with a white background for the photocard that was included with the gifts. It was printed on high quality card stock.

The company we used does not normally take proof shots of their delivery but they thankfully fulfilled our special request. The courier was thorough and even took a proof shot at the office. It was great to see Girl’s Day’s awards displayed as you entered. Can you spot ‘Something’ trophies?^^

Ginseng and Meat Gift Set

Since the meat is perishable the gift set was packaged in a Styrofoam container.

We are happy to celebrate Girl’s Day’s successful promotion in this way. Now they can finally enjoy our gift, we hope it’s delicious and that they eat lots. May it give them added strength to continue on with their activities~


Thank you,
The GDD Team

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