[Project #018] Girl’s Day January Comeback – DAI5Y Cheer Support

Girl’s Day will be coming back the first week of January and as always we want to show our support. DAI5Y all over the world are anticipating Girl’s Day’s comeback and now is a great time to come together and cheer them on!

We will be making a video slideshow of pictures with the message “Girl’s Day Fighting!”. This is a simple project but can have a great impact if many join. We hope to show the girls that it’s truly a Girl’s Day World because DAI5Y are supporting them from all over the world. We invite you all to participate to make this support great and enjoyable for Girl’s Day.

Get creative and have fun with this~


– The photo must include the message, Girl’s Day Fighting!
– The photo (picture or drawing) you submit must be your own.
– The photo must be appropriate otherwise it will not be included.

The picture can be…
– Beautiful scenery in your city or something unique to your area
(Depending on your location, Girl’s Day Fighting! can be drawn in the sand at the beach, a snowman could be holding up a Girl’s Day Fighting! sign, etc.)

– You may appear in the picture if you wish, either by yourself or with a group of DAI5Y friends. Appearing in the picture is NOT required.
(If you do decide to appear in the photo as a group, you may also submit another photo individually.)

– A drawing of Girl’s Day or inspired by Girl’s Day.

Note: The message “Girl’s Day Fighting!” must be included but it can be edited into the picture. The message may be written in English as Girl’s Day Fighting!, in Korean as 걸스데이 화이팅! or in another language.


How to Join:
Submit your photo by filling out this form.

List of Participants (To be updated)

Deadline for Cheer Support: December 31st Deadline has been extended until further notice.


DAI5Y official fancafe is putting together a support for Girl’s Day’s January Comeback, and if you would like to participate we plan to contribute together to minimize the bank transfer fees. GDD will be accepting donations until December 28th. (Note: DAI5Y’s deadline is December 31st KST, our deadline ends before to allow time to complete the process.) Since we are still accepting donations for the holiday support Coal Wreath Donation, this project will be separate so make sure to send the donation to Tammy, check out our donation page for more details.

Deadline for DAI5Y Support: December 28th (CLOSED)


The girls have been working hard to show an upgraded version of Girl’s Day, let’s do our best to support Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri during their comeback!


Thank you,
The GDD Team