[Project #017] Girl’s Day Holiday Support – Coal Wreath Donation

We want to celebrate the holiday season with Girl’s Day in a special way. As always DAI5Y want to send the girls our love and support to show that we are very proud of all their achievements this year and we are looking forward to what next year will bring! We also want to show that we are motivated by their giving spirit and admire their charity efforts.

Sojin mentioned in an interview about appreciating the simpler things in life. “To others, it might seem like we dream of a glamorous life, but in a sense, we’ve just been very fortunate. Now that I’m in this kind of career though, the things that I hope for have become smaller and simpler.” In the past we’ve given them many gifts, however the gift that held a lasting impression with them has been the rice wreath donation. The girls’ hearts are drawn towards charity endeavors and they have seen the good that such donations can accomplish.

If you would allow, we would love to share why we are convinced that a holiday gift in the form of a charity would be meaningful to Girl’s Day. The lasting impression made by the rice wreath was realized in these instances.

  • The girls had first mentioned the rice wreath during prep time before the live show, After School Club. As they were running through the outline of the show, the hosts explained they would interact with fans through a live chat and through twitter. The girls read a few tweets in English for practice. One of the tweets read was from Seany, when Girl’s Day saw the photo of the rice wreath they said they appreciated it.
  • Later when the rice donation was delivered, it appeared in Korean media and Girl’s Day was praised by a representative of ‘Little Jesus House of Hope’. The recipient of the donation said, “Girl’s Day has a beautiful heart to think of the less fortunate. On behalf of the less fortunate, I would like to express my gratitude to Girl’s Day and their fans.” No doubt when the girls read this news they felt the impact their donation had made.
  • Seany and Tammy had a firsthand glimpse at the impression the rice wreath left on Dream Tea and Girl’s Day. During our trip to Korea, we visited Dream Tea briefly and saw the rice wreath displayed in the front entrance of the office. (Pictures of the rice wreath display on September 30 and October 10.) It was heartwarming to see the rice wreath still being displayed in the office til now.

Just as Girl’s Day continues to grow, so are we as fans. We begin to see the great impact the girls have had. For example, DAI5Y immediately sprung to action when wristbands were released for Girl’s Day’s campaign with Plan Korea. Fans bought dozens and wore them in support of Girl’s Day for this cause; it’s amazing to see what’s being accomplished in their name.

The rice wreath donation was the third time we together had made a donation in Girl’s Day’s honor. Although we had participated in charities in the past, the rice wreath was the most supported project Girl’s Day Daily had done. Thanks to everyone, we had the most donors ever for a project and many took to Twitter and promoted it, which was greatly appreciated. The support was started on short notice but the response for it was overwhelming, it really exceeded our expectations. It showed what great good can be accomplished when sincerity, a generous spirit and determination are the motivating qualities. It made us proud to join hands in that modest attempt, to mirror the qualities shown by Girl’s Day themselves.


We have given this charity support a great deal of thought and based on the cold season we thought it very fitting to donate coal. Coal briquettes are used by some families to cook and heat their homes. What better way to donate than to keep families in need a little warmer this holiday season. Korea winters can be very harsh, mid to late January has been forecast to be the coldest time of the winter. We hope to make a modest donation in Girl’s Day’s name this December, that way the coal will reach families just in time to combat the winter cold.

We have been considering all aspects involved with this donation and how we can make the most of everyone’s support. The charity organization that we will use is still under consideration, we will either use Dreame (the same organization used for the rice wreath) or another charity that may allow us to donate directly with minimal fees. For now, we will say Dreame is the most likely charity we will use. We were very happy with their service for our previous charity support. They were very helpful in ensuring that the process was successful and they provided a confirmation shot of delivery. The Dreame organization has a coal wreath donation on their Korean site. The ordering process will be slightly different since they do not have this method on their English based site but the format is very similar.

This gift donation will be given in Girl’s Day’s name. Girl’s Day and Dream Tea will choose whom the donation will benefit. We hope that this holiday season can be a happier time for many, and with a little less worry of the cold. Although it’s not a physical gift for Girl’s Day, we hope it’s one that they will carry in their heart, knowing good was done because of their own inspiring example. Girl’s Day appreciates every gift from fans, whether the gift is small or big, whether we give support and cheer them on at events or from different places around the world. They are grateful for the heart behind the gift. At Daily, we love to send them nice and fun gifts, which are meaningful and fit their individual interests. Be assured we will have opportunity to do so in the coming year. Depending on the support for this charity project, we may also do a small gift for each member. Just as the coal wreath will bring warmth to others, we were thinking of sending the girls sweaters to keep them warm this holiday.

With warm hearts and a desire to give we wish this support a great outcome. Although we can be ambitious at timesㅋㅋ we will set a modest goal. If you would like to participate in this support you can do so in two ways, share and promote this post and if you are able to we invite you to contribute. We thank you for your time and here’s to a happy holiday as we show our love and support to Girl’s Day!


Starting today we are accepting donations for the coal wreath. We will add the names of those who donated (personal or Girl’s Day fansite) on the photo provided with the coal wreath. (Example)

Order form and details:
Coal Wreath

Product Description: The DREAME coal wreath with 2 Ribbons
– Ribbons: Left – Cheer Message (TBD) / Right – Girl’s Day Daily
– Mini Banner(50cm x 100cm) of Girl’s Day: This is where we will include all donors’ names.

Deadline: December 20th
Goal: $500 (500 pieces of coal)
(There’s an option to add additional pieces at $80 per 100 pieces)

Note: Funds raised will determine which wreath we can order. We will update on the progress as the weeks go by.

We look forward to honoring Girl’s Day with this special gift!

If you are able to donate check out our donation page. When possible make sure to send the donation as a “gift” or choose option “I’m sending money to family or friends” to avoid fees. You may also use the Donate button on the sidebar, however with this method the fees are unavoidable.

Thank you,
The GDD Team

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  1. The project is still open and the wreath will be ordered and delivered after the girls return from Japan, and perhaps even after they return from China. They’ll be even busier in the coming weeks, so we want to make sure to send it at a convenient time.

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