[Project #017] Girl’s Day 2014 Support – Coal Wreath Donation

The coal wreaths were delivered to the Dream Tea office on January 9th. It was great timing since it arrived the day after Girl’s Day’s 1st win for ‘Something’ on Show Champion!

Dreame posted on their naver blog about our coal donation and updated further about our rice wreath donation. It appears the wreaths are being displayed in one of their practice rooms.


Video Courtesy of: dreame.co.kr

We want to thank everyone who supported and promoted the Coal Wreath project. Once again the support for this wreath donation was overwhelming, thanks to your help and generosity we surpassed the initial goal, nearly reaching $1,000 USD in our coal donation!

Total Raised: $953 USD
Total Cost: $947.72 USD (5 Wreaths + Paypal fees)
Total Coal Donated: 800 Coal Briquettes

We wanted to celebrate the holiday with Girl’s Day through a special donation. We originally planned to have the wreath delivered after their fanmeet in Japan. However, with the news of their comeback the project turned more into wishing them success in 2014. This was the theme of our messages for the wreaths.

As we were putting the final touches on the project, we decided to do a group wreath and an individual wreath for each member. Although it would be a more extravagant display than our initial modest plan, we thought it would mean a lot to the girls to see their own wreaths with cheer messages. In this way we could show our support to the group and that we are always cheering for their individual activities as well.

Just as the coal wreath will bring warmth to others, we were able to send the girls sweaters to keep them warm this winter.^^
(Their gifts were sent January 8th. Check out Part 2 of this support, ‘Something’ for Girl’s Day’s Warm Heart.)


Group wreath:
Left Ribbon: 걸스데이 2014년 도 대박나다!
(Girl’s Day may your success continue in 2014!)
Right Ribbon: Love, Girl’s Day Daily
Photocard: 걸스데이의 훈훈한 마음과 함께 이 추운 겨울 훈훈하게 보내세요
(Please be warm during this cold winter with Girl’s Day’s warm heart.)

The photocard below was displayed with the coal wreath along with a sign that says 400 coal briquettes to be donated in Girl’s Day’s name.

wreath 1 - a4


Individual wreath:
Left Ribbon: [Member name] 항상 응원할게요~
(I’ll always support [Member name]~)
Right Ribbon: Love, Girl’s Day Daily

The photocards below were displayed with their respective coal wreaths along with a sign that says 100 coal briquettes to be donated in Girl’s Day’s name.



Confirmation of Donation:

We want to express our thanks once again to everyone for making this honor donation a success! Together our efforts made this gift possible. The coal wreaths say, “Love, Girl’s Day Daily”, as always this is not a gift from a few but rather from all DAI5Y around the world who support Girl’s Day.

Girl’s Day has always been superstars to us but finally in 2013 the public saw the girls’ shining ability and potential. As Girl’s Day continues to gain recognition in 2014, their influence will continue to grow and many will feel the positive impact they have in inspiring others. Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri set a model example by their hard work and relentless effort in achieving their own dreams, as well as their charity work donating their time and energy in behalf of others.

Let’s continue to support Girl’s Day, cheering them on every day!

Thank you,
The GDD Team

Special Thank You To:
Project donors, Priz our project designer and Shirina our translator.

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