[Project #015] Trip to Korea: Support for Girl’s Day & Dream Tea Staff

We would like to announce that Tammy, a member of the Girl’s Day Daily team will be visiting Korea for the month of September. We hope to share many pictures and videos with you from her trip.

Girl's Day

In September I will be going to Korea for the first time to attend and support Girl’s Day’s activities. During the last three years, while the team was working on this site and growing up with Girl’s Day and our DAI5Y family, we always yearned to make this trip. I will be staying in Korea for one month and in that time I plan to update as often as possible with pictures and videos. I’m really looking forward to this trip and can’t wait to share the experience when I return.

As fans living away from Korea, we always wanted to do a special support and now we have a great opportunity to do it. With the help of a dear friend, I am arranging to visit the Dream Tea office and personally bring a gift to Girl’s Day and the Dream Tea staff. As always we want to show our love and support to Girl’s Day but we also want to show our appreciation for the staff who work hard to promote our girls. We are always thankful to Dream Tea and all that they do for Girl’s Day and DAI5Y.

During my trip, I plan to deliver a gift to the office and this will finally enable us to do a special support and bring something healthful to the girls. The initial plan is a fruit basket but as we have discussed in the past, we have always wanted to give a meat gift set. Each time our girls have been on a show where meat was the prize, we always thought if only we could send them such a prized gift!ㅋㅋ Through this visit the idea is now possible, so depending on the support for this project, it will decide which gift we do. A greeting card will also be given along with the gift and we will have this card customized.

If any fans would like to contribute to this support check out the updated details on our donation page or contact Tammy for further questions. The greeting card will include the donors’ names and if donors wish to include a message to Girl’s Day it will also be included in the card like a “rolling paper” of messages to Girl’s Day. If possible these messages will also be translated into Korean. We are looking forward to this special gift for Girl’s Day and hope for a successful support!

Note: Since Girl’s Day and the staff are busier these days, the day that I visit will be arranged to fit in with their schedule. When the details are confirmed and once the gift is delivered to them, we will update through twitter.

Deadline: August 31st

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Thank you,
The GDD Team

11 thoughts on “[Project #015] Trip to Korea: Support for Girl’s Day & Dream Tea Staff

  1. It will be like a rolling paper in how the messages are laid out in the greeting card. Since the card can be completely customized, the card will be designed inside and out with a set layout and then it will be produced. :)

    Depending on the amount of messages, we can have a few cards produced. If donors wish to write a message to Girl’s Day, it will be compiled through this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1EWgN6avqETjPiJokBI137BffZ4llEUCOAp47ZWMP89Q/viewform

  2. Can donators just click on the link and write their message to Girl’s Day?
    Or is the link just an example with an “actual working” alternative?
  3. ahh i wish i can donate more T_T school fees sucks.
    hopefully id be able to contribute a more decent amount on the next project.
    Have fun Tammy!
  4. Thank you carafuru for your donation, it was more than enough. Thank you! Many hands supporting this project is what makes it a success :)

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