[Project #23] Girl’s Day Comeback & 4th Anniversary Support

Since Girl’s Day became ambassadors for Plan Korea in August 2013 we have been watching over the organization closely. Girl’s Day immediately set to work with Plan Korea and went to Thailand for volunteer work. At that time Sojin expressed her thoughts, “Today will be our most proud day after debuting. After returning from Thailand next week, I’ll probably be very proud of myself after that? I’m thankful for today. ‘Plan Korea’ fighting. FlyFly~.”

Girl’s Day was looking forward to their volunteer trip and were happy to be working with the girls. They were proud and thankful for the opportunity.

Check out pictures from their trip to Thailand:
Girl’s Day volunteering with Plan Korea.


It was so moving to see how many daisies in Korea were wearing the wristbands in support of Girl’s Day. Since it is difficult for international daisy to purchase ‘Plan Korea’ campaign items, we thought how could we also join in the support? With the help of a friend we did more research on how we could contribute. In October as we were planning for Girl’s Day’s winter project we considered donating to Plan Korea but decided with the Coal donation that fit more with the season.

The research we did at that time will be a great help to us now as we plan for Girl’s Day’s comeback and 4th Anniversary. To donate to Plan Korea there is a one-time support or a monthly support donation. We will do the one-time support and this donation will contribute to one of Plan Korea’s current projects.

If you would like to read more about the efforts of the Plan organization, check out Plan International. We will be directly donating to Plan Korea in Girl’s Day’s name.


As DAI5Y we want to always do our best for Girl’s Day, supporting their music, cheering for them and showing our love, one way is through gifts and letters (or messages on twitter). When a gift is from the heart it is meaningful and Girl’s Day appreciates all that they receive. We will continue to send them gifts from time to time, both as a group and individually.

Now that DAI5Y around the world has become a bigger family, there is more we can accomplish. Together we aim to be a strong support to Girl’s Day. Since volunteer and charity work are very important to Girl’s Day and their fans we will continue to look for opportunities to contribute.

Giving to others in their behalf is a gift Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri will appreciate and respect. They will be proud to see that their genuine efforts and giving spirit has been a positive influence. We wish that Girl’s Day continues to get recognized and praised by the public and we know their influence will continue to inspire others.

This anniversary will be a special one for both Girl’s Day and fans. Girl’s Day has come a long way since July 9, 2010. As a group, Girl’s Day has achieved much success and were able to reach many of their goals. We look forward to their comeback and future activities, as they strive and work towards their new goals. As a fandom, DAI5Y has grown in numbers since the early days, with each promotion the family grows. Let’s continue to cheer on our girls and do our best to support them!


We invite all DAI5Y to join for Girl’s Day’s Comeback and 4th Anniversary support. For this support there is a chance for everyone to have a part in making it a success. We will be publishing a scrapbook for the group as well as donating to Plan Korea.

How to join:
1) Honor donation to Plan Korea
Help promote this project and if you would like to contribute, check out our donation page.

2) Girl’s Day Scrapbook
Check out this page for details.


We raised nearly $1000 USD for the coal donation and we are nearly a 1/4 of the way there for this project!

Goal for Scrapbook: $30 USD (Reached!)

Goal for Plan Korea: $600 USD
Total Donation Raised: $350.02 USD (as of 6/5)
Deadline: July 4 KST


We look forward to Girl’s Day’s summer comeback and celebrating 4 years with Girl’s Day!

Thank you,
The GDD Team

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  1. annyeonghaseyo!!! saranghaeyo girl’s day!!! why so long to new comeback girl’s day? i can’t wait!!!! i want girl’s day comeback!!! <3 #ssoziday #happybirthdayparksojin you so beautiful!!! :)

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