[Project #19] Support for Girl’s Day Minah Solo Debut!

Project #19 – Planning for Minah’s support was started early last year when we speculated Minah was making her debut. However, it turned out that she was working on a project album. Funds collected at that time were put towards supporting Girl’s Day when they visited LA for KBS Open Concert ‘L.A KPOP Festival’.


DAI5Y has been anticipating Minah’s solo debut since it was first announced! We are excited with the news that she will make her long-awaited debut in mid-March. Minah will bravely debut without her partners, Sojin, Yura and Hyeri. Girl’s Day will be supporting Minah while they are busy with their own activities. Now is the time for us to show our greatest support for Minah and Girl’s Day. Girl’s Day’s successful promotions have led to this opportunity and we are happy she is able to fulfill her personal goal.

We want to celebrate Minah’s solo debut with a mini support. The initial plan was to order a TOUS les JOURS cake with GiftsKorea handling the order and delivery. We want to make this solo debut memorable for Minah, so we will be considering further plans to support her during promotions.

If you would like to participate in Minah’s support we invite you to vote on which cake we should order. Check out these options on GiftsKorea and then submit your vote.

Make sure to send your cheer messages to Minah!

If are able to contribute for Minah’s cake, check out our donation page for more details. Any remaining funds from Minah’s support will be put towards Girl’s Day’s comeback!

Girl’s Day said they will work harder in 2015 and Daisy has the same determination. We will do our best to support and cheer on Girl’s Day, showing them that our girls are loved throughout the world! Let’s go~

Goal: $60-70
Final cost will depend on the cake chosen.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

8 thoughts on “[Project #19] Support for Girl’s Day Minah Solo Debut!

  1. OMG!
    I just wait to hear her song!!!
    When I first hear this news, I was so happy^_^
    Minah noona fighting!

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