[Project #19] Solo Debut Support: Cheer Messages to Minah!

Daisy is eagerly waiting for Minah’s solo debut, keeping close watch on Girl’s Day’s twitter and instagram for any teasers or hint at the concept.

Daisy has shown great excitement for Minah’s support project and shared their ideas on how we can make it more memorable. Minah is about to realize her dream of releasing a solo song and must be experiencing a mix of emotions. We want to reassure her that she has many standing beside her, ready to support this next step in her career! At the heart of all suggestions received, fans wanted to show Minah their love and support. Daisy expressed their desire to send Minah cheer messages and with your help we decided on a Photo-Hashtag support.


We will start sending our messages to Minah when her teaser releases and leading up to her MV release.
Let’s get started and be ready!

How to participate:

  1. Write a message to Minah.
  2. The message can be in Korean or another language. If writing in English or another language keep it brief, remember that Minah speaks Korean and her knowledge of other languages is minimal.

  3. Take a picture of your message or a picture of yourself holding the message, whichever you would prefer.
  4. Send your picture to Minah with the hashtag #MinahDebut. You may mention/tag her either on Twitter or Instagram.
  5. Twitter: @Girls_Day_Minah
    Instagram: @bbang_93


How the message may look when sending to Minah on twitter or instagram.



Have fun! Make it simple or go all out and be creative, the point is to show Minah your support! You may send multiple messages to Minah, with more messages from Daisy her mentions will be filled with many positive and uplifting messages.

Brave Minah will be standing on that stage by herself but she will not be alone. Sojin, Yura, Hyeri and Girl’s Day’s team will be supporting her along with her family and friends. Daisy who is always by her side will be beaming with smiles and cheering for her. Minah can count on the support from Daisy in Korea who are at the forefront supporting Girl’s Day together with Daisy from around the world.

Let’s continue to support Minah and Girl’s Day!


Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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