[INFO] 150311 MINAH 1st Solo Album – “I Am a Woman Too” Tracklist + Support Guide

“I Am a Woman Too” First Solo Mini-Album

Girl’s Day Minah’s mini album features the title track “I Am a Woman Too”, and the tracks “It’s Strange, Really” and “Colorful”. The album will be available for purchase as a digital download, physical album and SMC (Smart Music Card) / NFC (Near Field Communication) album. It will release on digital music sites on March 16 and the physical and SMC album will be available on March 18.



  1. 이상하다 참 (Feat. 칸토 of 트로이) | It’s Strange, Really (Feat. Kanto of Troy)
  2. 나도 여자에요 | I Am a Woman Too
  3. Colorful
  4. 이상하다 참 (Inst.) | It’s Strange, Really
  5. 나도 여자에요 (Inst.) | I Am a Woman Too


Support! Buy the album~
No matter which site you use, make sure the sales count towards the Hanteo and Gaon charts. If purchasing an album from a local KPOP store in your country, see if their sales support the charts.

Minah’s mini album includes a Photobook and Photocard. The album photobook will contain pictures emphasizing Minah’s charms in four different concepts of cute, cheerful, serious and sexy.

*Sites are listing the photocard as “1 Random Photocard”. Only the physical album options specifically mention they include a photocard.


Physical/SMC Album:

“I Am a Woman Too” promotion will be a very busy time for Minah and DAI5Y who will be by her side. Daisies around the world want to wish everyone good health as well as a joyful and memorable time. Minah has worked day and night preparing for her solo debut, together let’s do everything we can to support her and make it a success! Please legally download and purchase Minah’s “I Am a Woman Too” mini album and do not share any illegal download links.


We will continue to update this post, if you would like to add or suggest any sites please link to them in the comments.

Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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  1. Aww darn I didn’t know that you guys earned if I bought through your links on yesasia, I just went straight to the site… well next time!

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