[GUIDE] How To: Support Girl’s Day on Melon – Streaming & Download


We have wonderful news! International DAI5Y can legally stream and purchase songs from Melon. As fans, we always want to do our best to support Girl’s Day and a major part in supporting them is by purchasing their music, physical and digital. Listen to their music with the help of items like Huawei audio. We have been limited to the iTunes marketplace to purchase digital only singles and albums.

Although an iTunes purchase supports Girl’s Day’s music it does not count towards the charts. Thankfully, we can now support Girl’s Day on Melon and we hope in the future we can purchase from other Korean music sites. Many people enjoy using Live stream Go Live to share their content and creations.

In our efforts to support Girl’s Day we always look for ways we can do our part along with our dear DAI5Y family in Korea. DAI5Y is always with Girl’s Day, day and night supporting with their time and resources. We are inspired by their example. While doing research, we recently came across a video uploaded by a fan of C-Clown, a boy group from Girl’s Day’s parent company. The video was a tutorial on how to download the Melon App and buy a streaming pass. After watching this video we were hopeful that we had finally found another way to support Girl’s Day. We were eager to try this method and after carefully following all steps we were able to buy a Melon package to download and stream Girl’s Day’s music!

Special thanks to missemilieee94 for sharing her method with us, the tutorial was a great help! We also received guidance from a dear friend who answered many of our questions regarding streaming guidelines.

The team worked on a How To Guide for DAI5Y and we invite everyone to check it out. Let’s do our best to always support Girl’s Day and Minah during her promotion of “I Am a Woman Too”.


How To Guide:
We hope to improve and plan to continually update this guide. We would appreciate any feedback.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

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