[GIVEAWAY] 2015 Official Calendar – Let’s have a happy year with Girl’s Day!


The first half of 2015 has already been a great time for DAI5Y. We enjoyed Girl’s Day’s individual activities in variety and dramas and Minah’s solo debut. We look forward to what Girl’s Day has planned for the second half of this year! ‘Hello Bubble’ was a nice treat for fans as we are anticipating their comeback.

This year Dream Tea opened up the opportunity to join in Girl’s Day’s charity donation through the sale of their 2015 official calendar. Many daisies around the world have enjoyed looking back on Girl’s Day’s past promotions as the calendar features pictures from Don’t Forget Me to I Miss You.

We have wonderful news for any who want a Girl’s Day’s 2015 official calendar! Three daisies have shown the big heart they have towards Girl’s Day and the DAI5Y family by donating calendars for you! A heartfelt thanks to Mark, Achilleas and Nevin for donating 12 calendars and covering the shipping for this giveaway. Seany has donated an additional 2 calendars for daisies!

5/20 Update: Giveaway – 14 Calendars


Giveaway #1: 7 Winners
Show your support for Girl’s Day by purchasing their ‘Hello Bubble’ single album on iTunes, Melon and other major Korean music sites.
At this time, international DAI5Y is only able to purchase from iTunes and Melon.

How to Enter:
– Buy Girl’s Day’s ‘Hello Bubble’ single album.
– Fill out this form and provide proof of purchase.

Qualified entries will be compiled and then giveaway winners will be randomly chosen.


Giveaway #2: 7 Winners
Show your support by promoting Girl’s Day new song and MV ‘Hello Bubble’!

How to Enter:
– Tweet: I love you you you~ Girl’s Day! “Hello Bubble” MV https://youtu.be/6RSbj-_UG14 http://goo.gl/HpPGvd #2015withGsD
– Fill out this form and link to the tweet.

Giveaway winners will be randomly chosen.


We wish everyone a happy year together with Girl’s Day and may your days be brighter because of Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri! Let’s continue to show our love and support for Girl’s Day as we eagerly await their comeback.


Giveaway #1:

  • David C.
  • Maria L.
  • Trip
  • Tina
  • Jasmine

Giveaway #2:

  • Haryani
  • Sharon
  • Tina N.
  • Suzy
  • Mark E.
  • Muhd S.
  • Leslie J.M
  • Saintly
  • Emman


Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.

5 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] 2015 Official Calendar – Let’s have a happy year with Girl’s Day!

  1. I really hope I win the giveaway #2… I usually can’t support my noonas through money, but I try my best through other means. So I really wish I can win the calendar since I couldn’t buy it earlier in the year T.T
  2. I really hope I would win. The only thing I have the Is girls day related is 2 albums I really wanna see my Unnies in the calender

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