[INFO] 170320 Girl’s Day ‘Everyday 5’ Album Purchase Guide

Girl’s Day return with their 5th mini album after almost two years! DAI5Y have been counting the days and (im)patiently awaiting their comeback the past year and 18 months! The album will release on March 28th with 6 new songs, it will be available for digital download and streaming on the 27th. “Girl’s Day takes on a soothing spring concept for their fifth Everyday mini-album. Seven years after “Nothing Lasts Forever,” the girls again work with hit-making producer Ryan Jhun, the composer of Tae Yeon’s I and EXO’s Love Me Right. This release also features songs written by the members.” – Yesasia

Girl’s Day participated in writing the Korean lyrics for the album along with these composers and song-writers.

  • Sojin: Kumbaya, Don’t Be Shy
  • Yura: I’ll Be Yours, Thirsty
  • Minah: Truth



  1. I’ll Be Yours
  2. Thirsty
  3. Love Again
  4. Kumbaya (Sojin Solo)
  5. Truth (Minah Solo)
  6. Don’t Be Shy
  7. I’ll Be Yours (Inst.)


Support! Buy the album~
No matter which site you use, make sure the sales count towards the Hanteo and Gaon charts.

Mini album includes a photobook and 1 of 8 random photocards. There are 2 limited edition posters available, Type A and Type B.

There are many options to choose for Girl’s Day’s “Everyday 5” Mini Album. When buying your album first consider if it’s counted towards the charts, then decide which option is best for you based on your preference of price and delivery option. We recommend first-time buyers to ask DAI5Y in your area which sites they personally use. If you have any questions or concerns we welcome you to leave your questions in the comments or cbox.


(Note: When you buy their album from Yesasia if you use our links we receive a % from Yesasia. All earnings from Yesasia will be put to future Girl’s Day projects. However, you are not obligated to buy from Yesasia.)

  • Korean Music Sites: Synnara, Hottracks, Aladin, Yes24, Interpark, Kyobo Books, leesmusic and Digital sites
  • (DAI5Y Cafe: “11번가, G마켓 같은 쇼핑몰 판매 음반은 한터 반영되지 않음(인터파크, yse24 역시 반영 불안정)” The shopping mall’s album sales do not reflect on Hanteo.)

If purchasing an album from a local kpop store in your country, see if their sales support the charts.



  • iTunes, Melon and all major Korean music sites.
  • (Note: At this time iTunes does not count towards the Korean charts but still supports Girl’s Day. International DAI5Y can purchase from Melon, follow this guide.)


We will continue to update this post, if you would like to add or suggest any sites please link to them in the comments.

Let’s do all we can to support Girl’s Day during their promotions!

Thank you,
The GDD Team

Always with Girl’s Day. Together with DAI5Y.


Source: yesasia.com | DAI5Y Cafe

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