[GUIDE] How To: Purchase a Melon Pass to Download & Stream

Purchase a Melon Package to Support Girl’s Day:
This guide explains how to buy a melon package using the iOS version of the Melon App. At this time international DAI5Y are unable to purchase using the Android version of the App because it requires an i-PIN. However, once a Melon package is purchased you can download and stream using your Android device.

The melon package was purchased through the Melon App with my iPad (iOS 8.2). Later, I hope to add screencaps from purchasing through an iPhone.


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The Melon App is only available in the Korea App store. To download the App you must change your country settings to 대한민국 (South Korea).

  • Change your Country/Region
  • Follow these steps if you do not know how to change your country settings. You can access it through the “App Store” or “Settings”.

    After you have purchased your package you can return your Country to its original setting.


  • Download the Melon App
  • Go to the App Store and search Melon or 멜론.



  • Login
  • If you do not have a Melon account create one now using our guide.



  • Melon Package Options
  • After logging in you will be directed to your account page where you can check out the available packages. The Melon package will expire after 30 days so choose which is best for you.



  • i-스마트 프리티켓: $8.99 USD
  • This is primarily a streaming package. You can download the song, however it will be in a format playable only via the Melon App. We do not recommend buying this package because the “downloaded” songs are not considered as a song purchase.

  • i-MP3 30 플라스: $9.99 USD
  • This package allows you to stream and download 30 songs within a 30-day period. The download will be in mp3 format and can be transferred to other devices.

  • i-MP3 50 플라스: $12.99 USD
  • This package allows you to stream and download 50 songs within a 30-day period. The download will be in mp3 format and can be transferred to other devices.

  • i-MP3 100 플라스: $15.99 USD
  • This package allows you to stream and download 100 songs within a 30-day period. The download will be in mp3 format and can be transferred to other devices.


  • Select Your Package
  • Once your package is selected you will be prompted to Confirm Your In-App Purchase. Login to your account and add your billing information if you chose “None” earlier. If you do not have a debit/credit card you may use an iTunes gift card. Confirm your order when your billing information has been updated.






  • Congratulations, you have successfully purchased a Melon package to support Girl’s Day!
  • You may now login to your Melon account from any device (including Android) and start downloading and streaming Minah’s song!



  • Account Status
  • You may review your account at any time to check your song balance and package expiration date.



Guide By: Girl’s Day Daily

23 thoughts on “[GUIDE] How To: Purchase a Melon Pass to Download & Stream

  1. I bought the i-스마트 프리티켓: $8.99 USD pass, and i wonder, it will still help to support the artist in sales, right? Or like help with listen numbers and such?
    thank you ^^
  2. Hi~ I followed your steps but at the end it said “your payment could not be completed”. Do you know why? (I use Visa card & live outside Korea). Is there any other way for me to buy a package if this one can’t be applied? ㅠㅠ Thank you so much!!
  3. Others have experienced the same issue. Try using an itunes gift card instead. If that works, please let us know so we can recommend it on the guide.
  4. One question. Do I need to apply the itune gift card after I downloaded the app(still having it as If I live in korea) or ?
  5. Hello.. Is it okay to redeem my US itunes gift card if my App Store still the Korea App Store?
  6. You’ll have to apply the gift card after switching to the Korea itunes store. I had some remaining funds on my U.S account and couldn’t change my country until I spent it.

    If you have an itunes gift card and have switched your country to Korea, you can apply the gift card when adding a payment method on the Korea itunes account. You may also choose to apply the card when purchasing the package.

    Let us know what method you tried and if the itunes gift card worked, please share your experience so we may improve this guide.

  7. When i try redeem my US gift card in Korea app store, it says “This code must be redeemed in the US storefront” cos i think the payment use USD instead of won.. Is it mean that i must use Korea gift card too?
  8. Thank you for sharing your experience, seems U.S itunes gift card is not possible. The best and perhaps only option now is to use a credit/debit card.
  9. Hi, you mentioned that the downloaded songs can be transfered to other devices. Would you mind sharing how to export the songs from the melon app. The songs I downloaded is not automatically saved on my phone. Thank you!
  10. for android, how to buy ? i downloaad the app from aptoide but i can’t buy the pass cos i need a korean phone or something… PLEASE HELP!
  11. if i purchase the 30 download one does the stream only last for 30 days? or is it full time, and the downloading of music can only happen for 30 days?
  12. @Faye Personally I download the songs on my computer, but we will look into how to export the downloaded songs.
    @pleasehelp on android you’ll need an ipin to purchase. We can use iphone, ipad and possibly ipod touch to purchase the pass.
    @Kiana Yes the stream will only last for 30 days and you’ll need to purchase a new pass to continue streaming after that time. Same with the music downloads, they will have to be used within the 30 days otherwise they will expire.
  13. I purchased the streaming pass in May to support hello bubble and realized I can’t listen to all the songs that I’ve downloaded now that we’re in June. Guess I’ll get the pass that allows me to dl them in MP3 format when July comes so that I can support our girls in streaming and in sales.

    Just a qn, am I still be able to listen to the dl-Ed MP3 songs when my pass expires in Aug if I were to get the i-MP3 30 pass?

  14. as for i-스마트 프리티켓, you said that the downloaded songs are not considered a song purchace. so i was wondering once the pass expired, will i still able to play the song? or will it go back to a 1 minute play?
  15. There might have been a change in changing regions because it asked me for a postal code. The guide should include this part somewhere at the beginning.

    “If asked for a postal code: Select Seoul as the province then the postal code for the district that the DreamT building is in is 100-135”

  16. I’m having problem with it. I had purchased the $10.99 from App Stores and the region i had chosen is South Korea but the credit card i used is Malaysia’s credit card. It was purchased but it is not recorded in my Melon account. In my Melon account it says that, I have not purchased anything. So i tried changing my country or region in my iphone but it’s unchangeable. Anyone can help me with this?
  17. Hi, you said that mp3 tracks that we download can be transferred to other devices. What are the steps to doing that?? For example, I have the app on my iPhone 5s, and wanna transfer the mp3 to my macbook and iPod.
  18. Hi, may you advice how to proof that we downloaded the song legally with the pass that we bought? I need it to go in to BTS pre record music show. Appreciate your reply
  19. Hi. I want to know, when I stream a song, how do I know whether a point is credited to the artist I support ? Where can I see this ? I want to make sure I am doing the right thing to support the artist. If I bought a package, and can’t see the credit or point given to the artist, it is no point getting the package then.
  20. Hello , i want to buy 3 packages for my daughters, can anyone tell me how to use my debit/credit card theyre both USA. or where can i buy korea itunes card. thank you
  21. Hi everyone. I have a problem here. I bought i-MP3 100 pass and downloaded 100 songs. Now my pass has expired now and I haven’t transfer my songs from my Melon app to my computer/iTunes. Now i want to do it but it says I didn’t download and unable to transfer the mp3 files. but i still can see my mp3 files in Melon My Music. Please help
  22. Can i use the songs (Kpop) downloaded from melon site for commercial purpose. I plan on playing them in my radio

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