[Project #004] Girl’s Day Holiday, Yura’s Birthday & Japan Debut Support [Gifts Arrival]

SPECIAL GIFT: Limited Edition “DAISY” Perfume by Marc Jacobs

Photo Credit; Sephora

This Daisy gift started out as a gift for Sojin, but once it arrived in the mail we realized how perfect it really was for all our girls. Our mission is to buy 4 more of these limited edition perfumes but we need your help~ We need $70-100 more in donations to buy the remaining 4 perfumes for GsD. We are grateful to already have 1 donor and we hope with the help of other donors we can get these before they sell out~

Contact @TaemiTamz for more information about this event or donate through our chipin tool or through our paypal account, for this contact @itsachel or more details can be found here. Thank you and hope we can make this happen for our girls~!

UPDATE: We have reached our goal after only an hour!! *applause to the fans~* If you would still like to donate, it will help with Yura’s book, shipping costs and perhaps more snacks for the girls!

Marc Jacobs Perfume for the Girls 

NOTE: Donations are still welcome for this project! Help us spoil the girls! – Achel
We have also decided to merge the Holiday, Yura’s Birthday and Japan Debut Support together~ – Tammy

We invited all Girl’s Day fans to submit their letters and artwork for the girls and if you would like to read more on this project check out this post.


From Singapore:

From the Philippines:

Obe, Chris, Norman, Ayz, Gerby, Chard, Mags, Rona, Chris Bernal, Major, Emer, Tap Tap, Chardei, tolits, DJ Pat, Joey A., Oskerr Guma, ian steel, Lynyrd, Rhymee, kwinii, Jodie, Noell and Eman.

From the U.S:
Maryland – Raymond; Texas – KP; California – Hilton and Mark
NOTE: These letters have been re-wrapped from their original packaging.^^


Gifts for Project #004!

5 Beautiful Nautical Watches

5 Double Wings Ring for the girls 
This represents the girls! :D

Teen Vogue Mags


Floral Shoulder Bag

Brown Plaid Shoulder Bag

Blue Plaid Shoulder Bag

Nixon Jean Shoulder Bag

Graphic Hippie Tote

Gingerbread Plush with Shower Gel & Lotion

Fun Forever 21 Rings

3 Mini Massagers

Holiday Socks~

Penguin Socks~

Monkey, Reindeer, Polka Dots & Penguin Socks

Hello Kitty Earrings~

Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Rice Krispies & Tic Tacs

Giant Chupa chups~ (with mini lollipops inside!) *UK Special Order^^*

Custom GsD Chibi Stickers by Kuks!

Yura’s Bday Gift~

Votan Tokyo Necklace

Message Booklet~
It didn’t feel right to cancel Yura’s message booklet, especially since time and effort went into translating all your wonderful messages. Please excuse the simplicity of the book, it was bound and printed on short notice.^^ Hopefully this way Yura can still treasure your messages of support and love.
NOTE: It will have to be shipped separately from the support package, so it will arrive a few days later.^^ – T
Artwork by Motichan – Yura Cover Art
Kuks – Xmas Yura Chibi (Not pictured below.)
Translated by sen

GDD Staff Special Project~
Some of the staff teamed up together to buy gifts for their biases, there were 5 teams to support each girl~
Team Sojin (Bri, John & T)
DAISY by Marc Jacobs (Limited Edition Perfume)
Originally this was only a gift for Sojin, but now all girls will have their own, since it symbolizes DAI5Y!

Chandler the Robot by Meg Frampton
“Willy the Robot” Earrings

Photo Credit; Meg Frampton
Dia Frampton ‘Red’ Debut Solo Album
Note: We got this for Sojin since Dia is a singer-songwriter who has worked long at composing music and finally her music is gaining recognition. Her music is very lyrical and poetic, and I felt that her music could inspire Sojin from her usual influences, since she herself has been working on composing and writing songs.^^

3 Peas in a Pod (Disney Toy Story Plushie)
Note: This little plushie symbolizes the ‘Sojin Team’ Bri, John and T. I thought it would be a cute way to show her team is always there for her, close to her like 3 peas in a pod~

Brixton Hat for Sojin

Scarf for Sojin

Team Jihae (Paul & Drew)
Faux Fur Jacket

Leather Boots
Note: We personally asked for her size, so these should fit her perfectly~

Team Yura (Mark/Nico)

Drawing for Yura

Headbands for Yura

Awesome bracelet for Yura

Animal Hat with Paws for Yura (Gray)

Team Minah (Achel/Drew)

Small Hello Kitty Bag

Hello Kitty PJ for Minah

Massaging Pillow

Team Hyeri (Nico)

Diary & Luggage Tag

Animal Fur Hat with Paws (Black)


10K Gold 3 – Stoned Diamond (Authenticity!!) 



Final Pictures

Truly this project has been possible with all the help and support from Daisy around the world. We appreciate your donations that help us give all our girls special gifts.^^ We know that these gifts will make their celebration of these events more special and joyful!

Thank you,
GDD Team

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