[Project #006] GsD Comeback Celebration & Special Support (Gifts Arrival)

Girl’s Day Daily announced this special support on April 10th, a week and a half ago. We are very thankful to those who donated to this effort and to the many that wished us a successful project. In this short time we were able to put together a great support package that we know the girls will love. Although we kept the gifts simple, your help exceeded our expectations and allowed us to do something extra special for the girls!
Flowers to Korea‘Simply Daisies’ for Girl’s Day
(These flowers were delivered on April 19th to the Dream Tea Office with a brief message saying that Girl’s Day Daily wishes Girl’s Day success with their comeback!)

Dried Fruit Snacks

Banana Chips



Mixed Fruit


Ferrero Rocher

Toblerone & Hershey’s Nuggets

Payday, 100 Grand & Skor~
We’re wishing them success with these themed chocolates.
All their hard work will pay off, bringing them much success during this comeback!


Bouquet of Chupa Chups

Sour Skittles for Hyeri~


Herbal Teas
This was not simply a play on words with their company name, Dream Tea. Rather, President Lee Jong Seok loves teas and we have been wanting to buy him something special for some time.
Yerba Mate Tea for President Lee

‘Well Rested’ Herbal Tea for Girl’s Day
A herbal tea that will help them relax after a long day~

Soda Pop

Jones Soda
These were labeled with the girls’ names written on ribbon, the colors fit nicely with their Oh! My God concept.
Sojin: Bubble Gum
Jihae: Pineapple Cream
Yura: Berry Lemonade
Minah: Strawberry Lime
Hyeri: Lime

Americana Soda
These were labeled with ‘Staff’ written on ribbon.
Honey Cream, Cherry Cola and Root Beer

Personal Gift for Sojin~
This was a gift congratulating her on her first ever composed song! It was also thought that, with each song she writes and composes, she could be sent a new Juicy charm for her bracelet.^^
Heart Padlock Charm Bracelet by Juicy Couture


Dragonfly Charm by Juicy Couture
This charm was chosen for two reasons, first it’s Sojin’s favorite color and second for what a dragonfly symbolizes; it fits quite nicely with Sojin’s strength of character.



The package was shipped EMS to Dream Tea on April 20th.



In the letter to Girl’s Day explaining our project and gifts, we included the twitter names of all our donors.^^ (Achel, T, Oniaki, zoz, Illests, Steve, Senavix and Andrew)
(Note: Sojin’s gift was paid separate from the donations we received, which means there are still donation funds available that will be put to Girl’s Day’s 2nd Anniversary project! Coming soon~)
We hope that this support gives much strength to Girl’s Day!
Thank you,
The GDD Team

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