[Project #006] GsD Comeback Celebration & Special Hyeri Support

Girl’s Day Daily is currently working on a Worldwide DAI5Y Support and our 5th Project for Girl’s Day, which will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and 4 Birthdays.

We want to do a mini-project for Girl’s Day to celebrate their April comeback, we know how much we’ve been looking forward to it and this is a nice way to show them our support. Hyeri’s tweet yesterday gave us the idea to send her Sour Skittles! The idea first started off with sending the candies to simply satisfy her craving.^^ As we thought about it we realized we could send her some with a nice message showing how proud we are of her upcoming drama. (We realize we have yet to do something for the other girls’ acting debuts but of course we are proud of their achievements as well.)

We hope to send the gift package to the girls before they comeback and become very busy with their activities. Our plans for this project are simple and if any would like to contribute to this support please contact Tammy on twitter, in this way we may be able to do even more for the girls. We hope to make this impromptu project a big success for Girl’s Day to cheer them on during their comeback. We will be updating you throughout the week on our progress through twitter and picture updates.

Special thanks to Senavix who will be translating our message to the girls.

Project Donors:
– Achel
– T
– Oniaki
– zoz
– Illests
– Steve
– Senavix
– Andrew
To be updated~

Thank you,
The GDD Team

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