[Project #005] ‘Everyday Girl’s Day’ WORLDWIDE DAI5Y Picture Slideshow & Message Video

Girl’s Day Daily wants to do something special and meaningful for Girl’s Day’s 2nd Anniversary and we would love to collaborate with DAI5Y from around the world. This project will unite DAI5Y as a strong family and will show Girl’s Day that they have daisies who love and support them from all over the world! This support project will be translated into many languages so that all can participate. We have translators who will translate this into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Tagalog, and Indonesian. We welcome other Girl’s Day fanbases to translate it in their language as well. A DAI5Y collaboration like this will ensure a successful project for Girl’s Day!

Part 1: DAI5Y Picture Slideshow
We invite everyone to submit a picture of themselves showing their love and support for Girl’s Day. Check out the model for the Everyday Girl’s Day slideshow. We plan to add pictures daily as they are submitted and priority of course will be given to early submissions.

How to Join:
1. Take a picture of yourself. You may submit 3 pictures max.
(If you don’t want to show your face, you can hold up a Girl’s Day CD, poster, sign, etc. covering yourself.)
2. You may submit a group photo but you must also submit an individual photo per DAI5Y.
3. Submit your picture by posting here, tweeting @girlsdaydaily or emailing achel [at] girlsdaydaily [dot] com Make sure to include your Name and Country.

Note: Feel free to use any type of camera you have available, (standard, cell phone, web camera, etc.) as long as it is clear and not blurry. You may submit any file type/size and we will edit your pictures to fit the slideshow to 180px x 180px.

DEADLINE: June 30, 2012 (extended) July 8th, 2012

Part 2: DAI5Y Message Video
[We merged this with DAI5Y Cafe’s Support Message.]

We invite everyone to submit a 15-second video message with a greeting to Girl’s Day. We will combine all messages together in a video for Girl’s Day.

How to Join:
1. Record a video greeting to Girl’s Day, wishing them a Happy 2nd Anniversary! Show your love and support.
2. Video must be 15-seconds, if it is longer we will edit if necessary.
3. The message can be in any language, we will later translate it for the girls.
4. Upload your video to youtube and submit it by posting here, tweeting @girlsdaydaily or emailing achel [at] girlsdaydaily [dot] com Make sure to include your Name and Country.

DEADLINE: May 30, 2012

If you have any questions feel free to ask achel or T.

Thank you,
The GDD Team, your fellow DAI5Y

9 thoughts on “[Project #005] ‘Everyday Girl’s Day’ WORLDWIDE DAI5Y Picture Slideshow & Message Video

  1. hey boss
    i’m admin of daisyvn… i think daisyvn will join this PJ but can u translate from vietnamese???
    thanks for PJ~
  3. Just found the web today and i only have 2 days, there will have to hurry to participate. Good idea of the project.

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